PhonerLite 2.43

PhonerLite is a clearly arranged and easy to used application for Windows. PhonerLite enables your PC to use it for Internet telephony (VoIP, Voice over IP). Pre-conditions are a full-duplex sound card, a microphone and speakers (alternatively a headset), an Internet connection and a registration at a provider supporting the protocol SIP. PhonerLite supports several SIP profiles, each configurable independently. In the same way the integrated phone book and call log are easy to use. It's an easy to use VoIP softphone with profile and contact management which you can easily use to make and receive calls over the Internet.

PhonerLite is an application designed to transform your computer into a phone, which you can then use to make calls with the VOIP or Voice over IP protocol.

The application displays a user-friendly interface which allows you to easily navigate through its settings and features in order to make calls. It’s structured into multiple sections that contain the dialer, call information screen, device volume adjustment, logbook, phonebook and call statistics.

PhonerLite is easy to use and the only real challenge you can have with it is the configuration of the server, user account and network for which you need to provide information about the proxy and STUN servers, as well as the domain.

The user account needs to be fitted with a name, password, display name, authentication and of course, mailbox and phone numbers. As far as network configuration goes, you need to select the localport and preferred connection type, among other optional things.

PhonerLite’s logbook can keep an accurate track of all the calls you make. It displays the outgoing and ingoing calls, their date and time, duration and if it was recorded.

The phone book on the other hand offers less functions than that of other similar applications. You only get to add the number of the contact, their name and a comment.

In case you want to keep tabs on how much your conversations are costing you, PhonerLite offers you a statistics feature. It allows you to track the packets and bytes of information that pass through your system during received and made calls.

To sum things up, PhonerLite is indeed a practical application which you can connect to a USB phone that you have at home to enhance its functionality. You can make anonymous calls and can even send messages when there’s not that much to say.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 5.57MB

SHA256: 6908589a499837b4d582d9566830d4c03b4c659b0396409d30843fa3e95c6f65

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