Little Image Viewer Portable 2.00

View photographs and edit them with this compact and lightweight utility that offers basic image operations such as rotation, flipping, or resizing. Little Image Viewer Portable is a a small picture viewing tool (Little Image-Viewer) with minimum functions and a special titbit: In audiofiles embedded pictures (e.g., with MP3 downloads of Amazon) can be indicated and be extracted from the audiofile. And, besides, one can still sound the music. It has an attractive interface that tries to mimic more advanced graphics suites, but with more straightforward tools. No installation is required to use this tool.

When dealing with multiple images, users might be tempted to resort to complex graphics suites. However, there are other, more accessible image handling applications out there and one of them is Little Image Viewer Portable.

A more lightweight and compact version of Little Image Viewer from the same developer, it will offer people an easy way of viewing images and edit them, “on the fly”, even from USB devices.

Little Image Viewer Portable presents users with a clean interface that features dim theme throughout its entirety. People will have no trouble in adding the preferred images to the viewer, but unfortunately, the same as with Little Image Viewer, this version doesn’t offer drag-and-dropping.

Once the favorite files have been loaded, people will be able to navigate through them with ease and quickly perform basic operations such as rotating, flipping, or resizing. Offering the same intuitive tab-array, it will enable users to preview images individually or manage them in their corresponding directories.

Being portable means that people will be able to use it from any device they prefer, this way avoiding unnecessary installations and configurations. In addition to its core feature, which enables one to preview images, Little Image Viewer Portable also offers a dedicated image extractor.

By using this feature, people will be able to easily identify and extract artwork from audio files that have album art attached to them. For a basic image viewer this is quite impressive and it might be useful for those who enjoy the album covers for certain music files.

This application could be a good choice for people who require an accessible way of previewing images, add them to a slideshow or flip/rotate them.

It will offer a straighforward package, which provides an easy handling and quick image preview. One extra feature of Little Image Viewer Portable will allow users to extract image content from album artwork of audio files.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 8.44MB

SHA256: bd98b99890855c792ac4daf17a772aabdea1aa938ac48a07ebfea4df9d941922

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