Amarok Gigas Address Book 1.20

Amarok Gigas Address Book is a reliable application designed to help you store and manage contacts with ease. The tool is portable so it doesn’t require installation, plus you can take your digital address book anywhere and run it from a portable storage drive. Adding a new contact is resumed to filling the dedicated information fields. Removing contacts can be done from the Contact menu. Amarok Gigas Address Book makes it possible to store a wealth of details for your contacts which incudes the job, name, country, location, email, company address, city, and email, as well as a generic field that lets you enter other information.

Working with a large number of contacts might make it difficult for you to process all the information efficiently without a trustworthy address book.

However, nowadays it is possible that you can choose from a wide selection of software utilities that can help you simplify your work. One of them is Amarok Gigas Address Book.

Since it is portable, you do not need to install this application on your computer. Accessing its functions entirely can be easily achieved by unpacking the archive file and running the executable component. More so, it does not create additional files on your computer nor does it modify Windows registry entries.

It comes with a simple user interface that offers you neatly organized and straightforward functions, thus making it possible that you can access them with minimum effort.

Amarok Gigas Address Book enables you to store several contacts that you can edit just as easily. You just need to type the desired details in the designated fields and the application automatically updates its database file with your content.

Alternatively, you can also remove contacts by opening the Contact menu and clicking the Remove option while you are viewing the item you want to delete.

This program lets you specify many details about the contacts you want to store. Among the category fields, you can find the name, job, company address, country, city, location, email, website and an auxiliary field where you can type miscellaneous information.

Additionally, the email and website categories feature interactive controls that you can use to open the email client or web browser on your system instantly.

Aside from its contact management capabilities, this utility also features printing support that might come in handy whenever you need hard copies of your content.

This feature packs three modules that enable you to print an individual item, print the entire address book or print the search results, according to your needs.

To wrap it up, Amarok Gigas Address Book is a lightweight, portable application that can help you store and manage contacts in a user-friendly environment, while also providing you with print support. Its user interface is easy to understand since it features non-complicated controls that can be operated effortlessly.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.71MB

SHA256: a599aba6a6d8c34c9cce0e50add8b2251dbb87ab3fc212a5335807f189785a15

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