Portable AkelPad 4.9.8

Portable AkelPad is a small and fast portable text editor that comes with a plethora of features such as word wrap, find and replace or Unicode support. It is a very basic, light-weight and speedy text editor that can be used for everything from coding to taking notes, but support for plugins means that the application can be tailored to suit your needs. The tool can be used to create and edit all manner of text based files, and its seeming simplicity makes it ideal for coding and HTML work. The beauty of the tool is that you can choose exactly which options should be enabled so you are not overwhelmed with tools and features that you will never use.

PhonerLite 2.43

PhonerLite is a clearly arranged and easy to used application for Windows. PhonerLite enables your PC to use it for Internet telephony (VoIP, Voice over IP). Pre-conditions are a full-duplex sound card, a microphone and speakers (alternatively a headset), an Internet connection and a registration at a provider supporting the protocol SIP. PhonerLite supports several SIP profiles, each configurable independently. In the same way the integrated phone book and call log are easy to use. It's an easy to use VoIP softphone with profile and contact management which you can easily use to make and receive calls over the Internet.

Portable VirtuaWin 4.5

Portable VirtuaWin is a highly customizable virtual desktop manager that lets you organize applications over a two or more "desktops" with their own separate windows and applications (also called "workspaces"). The program can reduce distractions or help organize a cluttered desk space with too many windows open. Portable VirtuaWin is designed to be simple and elegant to use yet still be highly configurable and extensible. This tool allows you to Increase the number of desktops of your computer and organize your working environment exactly the way you want to without cluttering the desktop.

Fotosizer Standard Edition

Fotosizer Standard Edition is a small Windows application developed specifically for helping you resize, convert and edit pictures using batch operations tasks. You may add files with the following file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. What’s more, you can flip or rotate the pictures to different angles and preview the changes in a separate panel. Other important settings worth being mentioned allow you to change the image quality and DPI, copy EXIF information, choose the destination folder, pick the output format (same as original, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIFF), set up file naming rules, make file associations, and include subfolders.

10AppsManager 2.0.0

10AppsManager easily uninstalls and reinstalls the default, built-in, preinstalled Windows Store apps in Windows 10 providing an easier removal process than manually doing it yourself; best of all it works with a single click. While you can always manually install, uninstall or reinstall the Store apps, the process is not so easy for the preinstalled apps. It is easy to uninstall or reinstall 3rd-party apps, but not the default preinstalled apps. What this tool does, is automate the entire process. Simply stated, you can use this simple tool to easily uninstall native Windows 10 Store Apps, such as Photos, People, Weather, or to reinstall them.

PicBlock 4.2.4

PicBlock is used to block pornographic images from your computer. Traditional porn blocking tools limit your choice of image search engines, rely on constantly outdated URL blacklists, and are easy for any tech savvy teenager to circumvent. Picblock uses revolutionary filters to block pornographic images by examining images for pornographic content, whether accessed from a Web page or loaded from a USB thumbdrive. Picblock also analyzes address and page content for sexually explicit keywords in dozens of languages, resulting in a powerful, two-pronged approach to filtering out pornographic content.

Portable CCExtractor 0.81

Portable ccextractor is developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable device. This tool is a fast closed captions extractor for MPEG files. Supports HDTV transport  streams, DVD and Replay TV. In short ccextractor is a small program that processes MPEG 2 files and extracts closed captions data to generate subtitle files. You can use this program to create .srt (subtitles) files for your TV captures, have transcripts so you can edit subtitles, etc.  You can pass as many input files as you need. They will be processed in order. Output will be one single file (either raw or srt). Use this if you made your recording in several cuts to your file.

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.3

Advanced IP Scanner is a fast and powerful network scanner with a user-friendly interface. In a matter of seconds, Advanced IP Scanner can locate all the computers on your wired or wireless local network and conduct a scan of their ports. The program provides easy access to various network resources, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders. It also enables you to detect all the IP addresses on your Wi-Fi network. The remote PC shutdown feature lets you shut down any remote computer or group of computers running Windows. You can also wake these machines up remotely using Advanced IP Scanner, if their network cards support the Wake-On-LAN function.


Hyperdesktop is a small portable image capturing tool which takes snapshots of an area of your desktop and can then upload them to the Imgur image hosting service. The program is tiny and portable; That means you can run it from virtually anywhere after having installed the executable files. The main interface of the tool sports a couple of options including the option to only capture a certain area of your desktop or the entire screen. Capturing areas of the desktop allows you to select any area of your desktop. The files that Hyperdesktop creates a readable by virtually any program that supports images: It saves them as PNG, BMP or JPEG files.

Shuffle Desktop Screensaver 3.0

Shuffle Desktop Screensaver is, as its name suggests, a screensaver that can help you protect your screen against dead or stuck pixels by keeping it busy with animations. You will find very strange view of your desktop with our Shuffle Desktop Screensaver. First of all it will cut your desktop in 64 pieces. And then mix it in different random ways. But do not worry, if you press any key you will see your desktop, because it is just a screensaver. Some special effects are also added for fun. So it is entertaining and relaxing to observe free shuffle screensaver in action. This is screensaver that shuffles your display in a sliding puzzle manner.

Macrorit NTFS to FAT32 Converter 1.5.0

Being as a free NTFS to FAT32 Converter tool, Macrorit NTFS to FAT32 Converter is designed to safely and easily reach the conversion from NTFS to FAT32 even though it contains data. Apart from this, it also can be regarded as great FAT32 formatter tool because it also has the ability to format NTFS which is larger than 32GB to FAT32partition. For you guys XBOX360 or PS game fans, this tool is also your free assistant because XBOX360 or PS cannot read NTFS at all. With Macrorit NTFS to FAT32 Converter, you can make the conversion from NTFS to FAT32 become true so you can enjoy the game time.

DAEMON Sync 2.2.0

DAEMON Sync allows you to synchronize all media files from various mobile devices with the PC and share them inside the local wireless network. Backup, browse and share videos and photos and evaluate all advantages of truly secure cloud service. The DAEMON server runs on each computer and allows your devices to speak directly to each other, so virtually all of your devices can share files. Sync is as quick as your Wi-Fi connection and, best of all, your data never goes through someone else’s servers. In short, you can backup data from your Android or iOS phone to your computer, so you know it is always safe or clear up some space for new documents.

Portable gPodder 3.9.0

gPodder is a portable Podcast Downloader (Aggregator) . It can be used to keep track of and download free "Podcasts" from the Internet. Downloaded Podcasts are stored in the downloads folder and can be watched whenever you choose.  Options are available to add subscriptions, check for new podcast episode updates, Podcast Player, and much more. It allows you to organize and keep track of all your preferred podcasts, as well as discover new ones using the dedicated features provided by this reliable tool. Given this tool is a portable edition, there's no need to install it, hence no changes are made to your PC.

Japanese Name Generator 1.1.0

Japanese Name Generator is a fun and easy tool that lets you get a Japanese name that one suit you. This tool will generate one based on your real name. or any text you input. Japanese Name Generator is a small software application whose purpose is to help you generate Japanese names based on your real name. It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there. In other words, you can generate Japanese names based on your real name or basically any name or string you enter with the aid of this simple tool that runs low on memory resources. This tool is very easy to use, all you do is enter a name and hit the Generate Japanese Name button.

Cubes 0.17

Cubes is simple program for editing monochrome 3d bitmap (voxel editor) and convert it to polygon mesh object. Mesh then can be smothed and precised (subdivided). Then you can copy bitmap and vector (emf) to clipboard,export or save it. Not only can polygon meshes be used as a surface or skin for almost any 3D object, but they are also easy to draw on a computer screen, do not take a lot of effort to edit and can be represented as collections of vertices effortlessly. It allows you to effortlessly create monochrome bitmap design and then export them to a polygon mesh object that can be included in other projects.

Argente Uninstall Programs 3.1.0

Argente Uninstall Programs quickly lists all installed windows applications and allows you to easily uninstall the ones you choose. Sometimes, as in the case of Ad-Supported programs, you might miss unchecking one or more "extras" that are being offered and that you probably don't need. Argente Uninstall programs quickly lists everything and then permits you to pick and choose what you want to keep or discard. Once you have selected the files that need to be uninstalled, Argente Uninstall Programs will analyze your system files and registry for remnants and offer to remove them as well making the process complete.

AppwizRemote 1.0.3

AppwizRemote is a great solution in situations where you need to perform the uninstall application in several terminals, enabling the execution of this task through remote access. The program has a very minimal interface, with a good choice even for users who do not have much familiarity with such tools.This tool is completely portable, meaning it can easily be stored on a flash drive or memory card, in addition to eliminating the need to install it on all machines. When you start the software for the first time, specify the terminal name to be accessed. It is important to remember that this tool will only work properly on computers that are with the Remote Registry service enabled.

W10Privacy 2.1.3

W10Privacy can display typical Windows 10 security settings that can be activated as well as deactivated within the program. It also allows importing and exporting of your changes. While there are a lot of Windows 10 privacy tools out there, many of them lack the detail this program has. Of course, this means that it might take you a bit longer to go through your choices. In other words, W10Privacy is a tool that prevents Windows from tracking your browsing habits and may other types of information by simply disabling the settings you do not want. As opposed to it's name, it also works with Windows 8.

Password Safe Portable 3.39

Password Safe portable is a database for encrypting sensitive information. Once opened with a master password, you can copy a password and paste it directly into your application. Alternatively, Password Safe supports "Auto Type" that enters the username and password into the target application by simulating keystrokes.Whether the answer is one or hundreds, Password Safe allows you to safely and easily create a secured and encrypted user name/password list. With Password Safe all you have to do is create and remember a single "Master Password" of your choice in order to unlock and access your entire user name/password list.

Zipware 1.4.0

Zipware is simple and free zip software for Microsoft Windows that supports all major archiving formats including the new RAR5 format. Zipware has been designed to be simple, fast and stable to handle both small and large archives with millions of files. Zipware also supports many Linux archive formats such as tar and gzip. The tool allows you to create compressed backups of your data using checkboxes in windows explorer to select multiple files and folders, create or extract multiple zip files simultaneously from windows explorer, convert archives between formats (full or partial conversion from any format to zip,7-zip or exe) and more.

Digital Clock Portable 4.5.0

Digital Clock is a free desktop clock that lets you see what the time is in an easier, but also more beautiful manner. This clock is fully customizable: you can change the clock’s zoom levels and opacity, as well as its color and texture.There are tons of amazing skins available so you can definitely make Digital Clock match your wallpaper. You can set up various signals such as alarms and hourly signals and add extra functions through Digital Clock’s support for plugins.Also, the application supports multiple languages and platforms and is Retina display ready. It allows you to accurately view the time directly from your computer's desktop.

ShareByLink 0.4.0

ShareByLink is a useful file sharing tool that cuts out the tedious need for creating an account, for both sender and recipient, in order to share a file with friends, co-workers or someone that needs a large file from MajorGeeks. It streams the file from your computer and provides a sharing link instantly, making it possible to share big files without having to wait until they're uploaded. ShareByLink also provides experienced users with the option of using their own server for sharing as long as they have a web hosting account with PHP. This is a very easy to use tool that's suited to both professionals and novices alike.

Portable recALL 15.11

Portable recALL is a disk recovery tool that allows quick recovery of passwords from more than 160 programs (email, web browsers, instant messengers, FTP clients, wireless, etc) and license keys from nearly 800 applications. Portable recALL it the world's first program that allows you to recover most of the password and also a license from damaged operating systems through native support of the systems registry files Windows. Due to the unique function emulation FTP, POP3 and SMTP you can recover passwords from any application supporting these protocols, even if the program is not yet supported inrecALL. No installation is required to use this tool.

HashMyFiles 2.20

HashMyFiles is a small tool that allows you to calculate the MD5, and SHA1 hashes of one or more files in your system. Use it to copy the MD5/SHA1 hashes list onto the clipboard, or save them to text/HTML/XML file. HashMyFiles can also be launched from the context menu of Windows Explorer, and display the MD5/SHA1 hashes of the selected file or folder. It's a small yet powerful and reliable tool that will allow you to easily calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of the selected files. This tool works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.

OESIS Endpoint Assessment Tool 4.2.4

Sure enough computer management is possible through the tools Windows puts at your disposal, but proper, efficient handling of installed programs is better left in the hand of advanced alternatives. For instance, OESIS Endpoint Assessment Tool comes with a variety of features to monitor, update, or remove programs from your computer. Thisn tool allows you to manage and actively monitor installed applications and uninstall security software, such as antivirus and anti-spyware tools by eliminating all leftovers to make room for a new tool. This is a portable edition, hence there's no need to install it and no changes are made to your PC.

DNSQuerySniffer 1.57

DNSQuerySniffer will quickly scan your network and then display all the DNS queries sent on your system.For every DNS query displayed on the easy to read table, the following information will be displayed: Host Name, Port Number, Query ID, Request Type (A, AAAA, NS, MX, and so on), Request Time, Response Time, Duration, Response Code, Number of records, and the content of the returned DNS records. DNSQuerySniffer allows for the expeditious exportation of information into csv/tab-delimited/xml/html files, or copy the DNS queries to the clipboard, and then paste them into Excel or other spreadsheet application for later use.

Amarok Gigas Address Book 1.20

Amarok Gigas Address Book is a reliable application designed to help you store and manage contacts with ease. The tool is portable so it doesn’t require installation, plus you can take your digital address book anywhere and run it from a portable storage drive. Adding a new contact is resumed to filling the dedicated information fields. Removing contacts can be done from the Contact menu. Amarok Gigas Address Book makes it possible to store a wealth of details for your contacts which incudes the job, name, country, location, email, company address, city, and email, as well as a generic field that lets you enter other information.

Advanced PassGen 1.3

Advanced PassGen is a free tool brought to you by CodeDead that can help you generate passwords. More advanced features: You can also change the random seed, select a minimum and maximum password length, export your generated passwords to an HTML, TEXT or CSV file. You can generate simple or complex passwords by relying on this lightweight application that provides you with various adjustable parameters. Instead of defining a passkey manually, it is possible to rely on third-party software, such as Advanced PassGen, that can generate passwords in a quick, convenient manner.

Portable PngOptimizer 2.5

Portable PNGOptimizer is a portable tool that will strip your PNG files of useless or incorrect information, thereby making the filesize of your PNG images smaller. PNGOptimizer can also convert GIF, BMP or TGA image files to optimized PNG images. Moreover, it can be used to automatically create optimized PNG images from screenshots captured via the  print screen key. In simple terms, this tool allows you to optimize your PNG images on the go and convert BMP, TGA and GIF formats into PNG files with the help of this portable and easy to use tool. There's no installation required to use this tool.

8GadgetPack 21.0

8GadgetPack will bring back gadgets to your Windows 8/8.1/10 desktop. For those users who miss the handy gadgets in Windows Vista, this program will suit your needs. Over 40 gadgets are included as well as the sidebar to organize your gadgets. The gadgets included are really useful when working with the PC. Unlike Metro-Apps gadgets can access useful system-information. The included Clipboard-Manager gadget for example will highly improve your productivity. With the Sidebar gadget, you can make the gadgets visible while working with maximized windows. Monitoring network traffic, setting the volume with one click and having an analog clock and heaps more.

Portable Sylpheed 3.5.1

Portable Sylpheed is a clean, powerful and easy to use e-Mail client that can be run portably from a USB flash drive or other portable device. Portable Sylpheed is a fast email and news client, with support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and NNTP. It handles multiple mail accounts, threaded display, junk mail filtering, security (SSL/TLSv1), search, etc. Automatically displays mail in threaded (organized by subject) format and integrates easily with Gmail.It's simply a lightweight and simple-to-use program which enables you to send and receive mail messages without having to access a web browser.

Apowersoft Free Screen Capture 1.3.3

If you do any kind of design, tutorial, review, website tests or other digital things, there's always a need in creating screenshot and video to express your idea in intuitive ways. In such case, the Apowersoft Free Screen Capture is your best choice to handle these design-related tasks without the hassle of learning complicate skills or buying programs. Apowersoft Free Screen Capture features a clear starter interface, letting you make a simple click to begin with the screen capture. It also enables you to use shortcuts to activate it when working on full-screen applications like games. The program could handle the entire screen, a spot on the screen or any active window.

taghycardia Portable 1.0

This is the portable edition of taghycardia, a simple-to-use Windows application that enables you to automatically complete tag information for MP3 audio tracks. You can automatically normalize MP3 tag information across multiple audio tracks at the same time as well as configure advanced settings. It features auto discovery and correction of missing tags, Artist/Album inconsistencies, and track numbering errors, all in order to prevent the "decomposition" of your MP3 albums on a tag-sorting portable player, auto fill in missing Artist, Album, Year, and tracknames with the integrated Discogs.com database search and a lot more.

Fake Notepad 1.0

This Fake Notepad tool is designed to fool someone thinking it's the real Windows Notepad. Anything you type, any key you hit, a given text will be printed in the window. The interface is identical to the standard Notepad from Windows, so no one will know the difference when using this fake tool. You can play pranks on your friends and make them think that you can type really fast by writing text in a Notepad-like text editor and importing data from plain text files. In short, Fake Notepad is a tool designed specifically for helping you play pranks on your friends by making them believe you can type data in a Notepad-like text editor very fast.

TimeVertor Portable 1.2

TimeVertor Portable is a small software application developed specifically for helping you perform conversions between Unix and Windows time values or vice versa. Perform conversion tasks from Windows time to Unix one or vice versa, and copy the results to the clipboard with the aid of this portable tool. You can take advantage of the tool’s portability status and run it without administrative privileges. Plus, you can open it without having to go through an installation process, therefore no changes are made to your PC. A double-click on the executable file is sufficient for getting access to the GUI.


XXCOPY is a boldly extended XCOPY using the same command syntax. It performs file-copy, delete, search and many common file management operations. It can select files and directories by the date, age, and size, as well as the comparison between the source and destination directories. It accepts wildcards in any place and with any number in the source specifier. Its ability to preserve the SFN makes it ideal for volume cloning. Compatible with XCOPY command syntax, this versatile file management tool enables you to customize logs, create backups, copy, move and delete items, as well as update files, and so on.

Portable KCleaner 3.1.4

Portable KCleaner is a small and useful utility that can help you identify temporary and unwanted files to remove them from your hard drive. Portable KCleaner is a powerful system cleaning tool that will uncover junk and redundant files. The app can locate all kinds of clutter that is left all over your hard drive by various apps. KCleaner is able to clear up Windows and browser temp files and caches relating to Java, ATI Drivers, Skype, Google Earth, QuickTime, and Adobe Reader etc. It can get rid of all the unnecessary files present on the HDD such as web browser cache or Recycle Bin contents, wipe data, run simulations, schedule tasks, and more.

King Flasher 1.16

Irrespective of whether your Android smartphone does not live you to its potential, you have various applications running amok and wasting your data or battery life or you just want complete access to everything in the operating system, there are many reasons why users end up rooting their mobile devices.King Flasher is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to flash your phone effortlessly and enables you to access other critical features such as data and system backup and recovery. Seamlessly create backups and restore your data along with your system or try out various ROMs that grant you access to more functions and features.

PC Hunter 1.51

PCHunter is a portable toolkit with access to hundreds of settings including your kernels and kernel modules, processes, network, startup and a whole lot more. It was designed to help spot and remove malware including rootkits. It's geared more towards the geek, and the main purpose is finding and removing malware, but it can do so much more such as view system process and thread basic information, detect hidden processes, threads, process modules, terminate, suspend and resume processes and threads, view and manipulate process handles, window, and memory regions. This is definitely a must-have tool for all PC users.

Disk Sorter 8.9.1

Disk Sorter Free is a powerful tool for investigating a hard drive and better understanding the range of files it contains. To use the program you must first choose an "Input Directory", a root folder where Disk Sorter should begin its scan ("C:\" if you want to check all of drive C:, say - you can add more than one folder, if you like). Click "Classify", make sure "Default File Classification Plugin" is selected, and click "Classify". Disk Sorter will then check and group every file in the folder trees you've specified. This is a veru user friendly tool, hence is suited to both professionals and novices alike.

WinSCP 5.9.2

There are numerous users who like to connect their computers in a network so that they can easily access each other’s PC whenever needed. Those who want a fast file transfer tool could give WinSCP a try, since it comes with a freeware license, so no money is required for its continuous usage. WinScp is a lean and mean application for file transfers between PCs. The best thing about this app is that it is completely no nonsense. It provides you with everything you need in order to smoothly transfer files between computers without any bells and whistles that get in the way.

Simple Unrar 1.1

One of the most commonly encountered archiving format is RAR. Their content can easily be extracted without installing compression tools, but other utilities dedicated to this purpose. Simple Unrar is a tiny Windows utility that helps you extract files from RAR archives without the need for any other compression tool. After you associate .RAR files with sUnrar.exe you can just double-click on any .RAR file. Simple Unrar is an easy, small and fast tool designed to help users extract .RAR files. After you associate .RAR files with sUnrar.exe you can just double-click on any .RAR file. It will immediately start extracting to a subfolder.

WifiHistoryView 1.25

WifiHistoryView is a lightweight tool for displaying a complete connection history of wireless networks on your machine. It can also read the historical Wi-Fi information from a running system or external event log file of another computer if needed. WifiHistoryView will quickly display the following wireless connection/disconnection event information: The date/time that the event occurred, the network name (SSID), profile name, network adapter name, BSSID of the router/Access Point, local MAC address, and more. It's a very easy to use tool that's suited to even those new to the networking scene.

AS-Picture Joiner 1.0

AS-Picture Joiner is a simple portable tool that just sticks two pictures together into one new image. You can choose if you want the pictures to be joined vertical or horizontal. Just select the images, choose whether to set horizontal or not, and click Save. In other words, this is a simple tool that allows you to easily join two pictures into one. You choose whether the join should be horizontal or vertical. You can effortlessly join two pictures together and create a new image that you can easily add in any of your graphic projects using simple tool. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it and no changes are made to your PC.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.2.1

7+ Taskbar Tweaker enables you to tweak your Windows 7 taskbar. Some of the features let users display the standard window menu on right click instead of jump list, close or focus a window on middle click instead of running a new instance, disable grouping of windows by file path or application id, cycle through windows of a grouped button on left click instead of showing a thumbnails preview, open with while dropping a file on a taskbar button instead of pinning, and disable thumbnail previews.You can customize and enhance the functions of Windows Taskbar by using this user-friendly tool.

Portable OpenChords 2.2.0

Portable OpenChords is a simple to use application designed to help you write musical scores and display them for audiences. The program is aimed to replace the musical sheets that you need to print out, instead, you can display the chords on the screen, in a high contrast color-scheme. Portable OpenChords is a song chord chart management and presentation tool for musicians. It allows the user to present songs and sets on a computer screen, so printing out all your song chord charts is a thing of the past. Its opensource, easy to use, clean, and has a clutter-free interface. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it.

Textify 1.4.1

Have you ever wanted to copy some text from a dialog box which doesn’t provide such functionality? Textify is a small and simple tool that enables you to copy the content of a dialog box (e.g. a Windows Error Message) even if the dialog box does not allow you to select any text.
Once you run Textify, you can simply point your mouse over the text, click on the mouse shortcut (Shift + Middle click by default), and get a selectable view of the text that you can copy to the clipboard. You can seamlessly copy the text from the dialog boxes of the applications you are installing or updating using this lightweight software solution.

SSuite WordGraph Portable 14.6.6

SSuite Office - WordGraph Portable is a professional, powerful, and very easy to use word processor. Installer version also available. You can use SSuite Office - WordGraph Portable when you are on the go for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book with embedded illustrations, tables of contents, indexes, and bibliographies. It is a complete and powerful software solution for creating, editing and viewing various types of documents. You can create simple or highly structured documents include graphics, tables, charts, and insert spreadsheets you created with Accel. No installation is required to use this tool.

Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller 7.0.9

Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller helps you to uninstall software and remove unwanted or corrupted programs installed on your computer easily. Even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them from "Windows Add or Remove Programs" control panel applet. With its advanced and fast algorithms, Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller analyzes an application's data before uninstall and scans for remnants after the uninstall of a program. Now, you can use three different modes to uninstall, modify and repair programs and never have to solve uninstall problems. Otherwise, you can change Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller design as you wish.

Portable WebcamVideoDiary 1.03

Portable WebcamVideoDiary is a user-friendly and reliable software solution whose main purpose resides in helping you capture moments of your everyday life or important events, in video or graphic form, with the help of a web camera. Webcam Video Diary is a program to help you to easily record lots of videos and snapshots from your webcam and keep notes associated with them. It is still in it's initial beta testing stage, so you should expect some rough edges; you will have to spend some time configuring it for your needs. It allows to to capture snapshots and record videos from your web camera, taking advantage of the hotkey support to grab them at the right moment.