NetworkLatencyView 1.47

NetworkLatencyView calculates the network latency (in milliseconds) for every new TCP connection detected on your system.It does this by listening to the TCP connections on your system. For every IP address, NetworkLatencyView displays up to 10 network latency values, and their average. The latency value calculated by NetworkLatencyView is very similar to the result you get from pinging to the same IP address. NetworkLatencyView also allows you to easily export the latency information to text/csv/tab-delimited/html/xml file, or copy the information to the clipboard and then paste it to Excel or other application.

NetworkLatencyView is a small-sized and portable software utility that can be help you calculate the network latency for each new TCP connection. It offers support for exporting data to external files for closer inspection.

Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can drop the EXE file in any location on the disk and just click it to run.

There is also the possibility to save NetworkLatencyView to a USB flash drive or similar device, to be able to run it on any PC with minimum effort and without previously installing anything.

An important aspect to consider is that the Windows registry and Start menu do not receive new entries, so no traces are left behind after program removal.

At initialization you can select the capture method between Raw Sockets, WinPcap Packet Capture Driver, Network Monitor Driver and Network Monitor Driver 3.x, along with the network adapter. Enabling promiscuous mode is optional.

Displayed information includes the source and destination address and host name, average latency, last latency time, and destination country. This data can be exported to HTML, XML, TXT or CSV format.

A search function is available. In addition, you can show time in GMT, set the app to scroll down on new items and automatically sort them on new changes, as well as choose the latency display mode (first or most recent 10 latency values).

NetworkLatencyView has minimal impact on PC performance, as it uses low CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and runs smoothly, without triggering Windows to hang, crash or pop up errors.

When it comes down to it, NetworkLatencyView can be used by anyone who wants to monitor and evaluate network latency for TCP connections.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 107KB

SHA256: fc13ca9992be51dd2baf370c42d310193b65a59a3db074b2a813da41880def51

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