Free EASIS Data Eraser 2.11

EASIS Data Eraser is made for secure erasing hard drives, partitions and all other storage devices formatted with FAT or NTFS. Secure erasing means overwriting all data with specially, well selected fixed or random patterns. EASIS Data Eraser has implemented several state of the art algorithms like Gutmann, Schneier, DoD, and BSI directives to erase your data in one or more cycles. More erasing cycles should help to overwriting possible edge magnetization. EASIS Data Eraser writes a simple log file with information about the erasure process. EASIS Data Eraser has implemented a intelligent bad sector handling.

Free EASIS Data Eraser is a simple-to-use application developed to help users securely overwrite data in drives, in an attempt to prevent other people from retrieving sensitive information using specialized software.

The tool comes bundled with few options that can be adjusted even by users with no previous experience in computer software. However, due to its powerful features, it is advisable to double-check drives before wiping them, since the process is irreversible.

Installing the tool is rapidly done. Its GUI consists of a single window with a simple structure, where a list is populated with all available physical drives at startup.

To proceed to the following stage, it is necessary to make a selection, after carefully evaluating the drive letter, device name, type and size.

Note that wiping data on multiple partitions at the same time is not possible. Log files are automatically created on task completion, and their default path can be modified from the first panel.

The wiping algorithm must be selected before proceeding with the wiping operation. Depending on the desired level of effectiveness but mostly willingness to spend time waiting for task completion (since it is preferable to leave the computer unattended while wiping).

Users can choose between six options, from simple to more complex: overwriting with zeros, 2 passes, German BSI directive "VS-ITR" (8 passes), DoD directive (4 passes), Bruce Schneier algorithm (7 passes), and the renowned highly secure Peter Gutmann algorithm (35 passes).

Needless to say, wiping a drive may take a very long time, depending on its size, chosen algorithm and computer performance. Any errors may be evaluated in the log file.

To conclude, Free EASIS Data Eraser provides powerful wiping features in the form of a simplistic interface, giving any user the possibility of safeguarding deleted files by making them unrecoverable.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.21MB

SHA256: 6f0d3333cf9da9da72067913d9286976c41d1e1fc012ea2dec5252dc3d6c3aca

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