DeadLock 1.4.0

Sometimes when a program uses a file or a folder, it forgets to release the file or folder and thus the user is unable to edit, delete or move the file or folder. You can check the lock status for various files from your computer and unlock them from the process that is currently using them by relying on this tool. DeadLock tries to solve the message we all love to hate: 'Cannot delete file: Access denied'. DeadLock will automatically look for all the programs that are using the locked file or folder and swiftly close them so that you can use them again. DeadLock can also take ownership of a file or folder to allow even more unlocking capabilities.

Sometimes, when working with multiple programs, some files might get locked by processes that do not release them upon closing.

Although a system reboot usually solves the problem, you can rely on specialized software and save yourself the hassle of restarting your machine. One of the applications that can help you in the above situation is DeadLock.

Please Note: This program requires .NET Framework and administrator rights to run as intended.

This application can be installed without effort since it does not require you to configure it in any additional way. It comes with a minimalistic user interface that integrates its functions in an accessible manner, thus allowing you to benefit from them easily.

DeadLock can be used by a wide spectrum of users, regardless of their computer operating skills, since its functions are straightforward while its help manual comes with extensive information. Unless you grant it administrator rights, this application displays a warning message upon launching it.

You can rely on this application if some of the files from your computer cannot be removed, replaced or modified due to certain active processes.

This application allows you to identify the current state of the troublesome document and unlock it, if necessary. Additionally, you can take the ownership of files or folders on your system, thus enabling you with total control over the corresponding items.

It is possible to unlock, copy, move or remove the file directly from the application, depending on your preference. The application allows you to import multiple files at once, thus sparing you the effort of manually unlocking one item at a time.

Aside from the functions mentioned above, this application also allows you to perform scans on your files with the online VirusTotal service.

To sum it up, DeadLock is a lightweight application that enables you to unlock files that are restricted by certain processes on your computer in a convenient, effortless manner.

It comes with a minimalistic, yet efficient user interface and despite its high overall accessibility, it also features extensive help documentation.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPLV3/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 5.76MB

SHA256: bbd3eeff1cf77be40883c06ee08a047fdcd45739369f445ea56fb6a8bfef1db8

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