NetworkTrafficView 2.03

NetworkTrafficView is a network monitoring tool that captures the packets that pass through your network adapter, and displays general statistics about your network traffic. The packets statistics is grouped by the Ethernet Type, IP Protocol, Source/Destination Addresses, and Source/Destination ports. For every statistics line, the following information is displayed: Ethernet Type (IPv4, IPv6, ARP), IP Protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP), Source Address, Destination Address, Source Port, Destination Port, Service Name (http, ftp, and so on), Packets Count, Total Packets Size, Total Data Size and more.

NetworkTrafficView is a lightweight tool that is able to monitor your network activity and display statistics about it.

Once you run the program, you are required to select the network adapter and capture method. It sports a clean and straightforward interface that can be mastered even by less experienced users.

NetworkTrafficView can give you details about the network traffic, such as Ethernet type, IP, source and destination address, port, status, packets count, total packets size, data speed, duration, and many others. You are allowed to change the order of the columns, by moving the items up or down, and select the ones to display in the primary panel.

You can filter the results by making the application show only the items with the specified speed and minimum number of packets.

Another important feature that is worth mentioning is the possibility of saving the statistics to HTML. You can either save all the items or only the selected ones. Hotkeys are also available but they cannot be reassigned.

NetworkTrafficView features a built-in search engine, and you can make the program hide closed TCP connections, and display the selected following packets: TCP, UDP, ICMP, Non-IP, IPv4 and IPv6. The application is also able to start monitoring the network traffic at Windows bootup.

All things considered, NetworkTrafficView is a small but powerful software solution that can help you obtain statistics about your network activity quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to work with and appeals to beginners and professionals alike.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 132KB

SHA256: 1b0d94717e1cece9a23cfc848aa6b6e63bec0e3e867e5c93a6f7eba75bf22190

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