Dr.Web Anti-virus Remover 10.0.2

Dr. Web Anti-Virus Remover is a portable tool that allows you to remove all traces of Dr. Web Anti-Virus from your computer in the event that it does not uninstall properly from within the Windows control panel.  When you run this program it will search your computer for all traces of Dr. Web Anti-Virus and remove them. It's a simple and efficient tool designed to detect and remove all the traces that Dr.Web Anti-virus left behind on your computer, uninstalling it from the system. Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required and no changes are made to your PC.

Due to their nature, antivirus software place components and spread across the system at a much deeper level than other type of applications.

Therefore, removing them from a computer might pose problems and the classic uninstalling method from the 'Programs and features' section (or 'Add/Remove programs') of Windows might sometimes fail to remove all the traces of the antivirus.

As such, most security companies created their own specialized uninstalling tool to help users make sure that no traces of an antivirus remain on the computer. One example is Dr.Web Anti-virus Remover.

As its name implies, this tool aims to help you completely uninstall Dr.Web Anti-virus from your computer. It comes in handy in case the standard method fails to remove the antivirus or traces of its presence are still detected.

The application is compatible with various versions of the Dr.Web Anti-virus, starting from 4.33 and ending with the 10.0 version, which is the latest. Its advantage is that it throuroughly analyzes all the locations where Dr.Web Anti-virus might have created files or registry entries and carefully removes them.

Using Dr.Web Anti-virus Remover is easy, mostly thanks to its intuitive looks. No installation is required, so you just have to open it to begin uninstalling the antivirus.

Upon launch, you must enter an automatically generated captcha code in a dedicated field. This step is required in order to disable Dr.Web's self-protection mechanism.

The application proceeds with finding traces of the antivirus, removes them and prompts you to restart the computer to complete the procedure.

When uninstalling Dr.Web Anti-virus the standard way, you can optionally save some settings and options that will be ready for use at the next install, namely quarantine items, configuration and protected copies of files.

If you changed your mind and want to delete these as well, you can use Dr.Web Anti-virus Remover instead of re-installing the antivirus.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 508KB

SHA256: b3d77edd7b0122e4a6bed379fa25f8f7f28d959794c7705137cfbff622d944f0

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