CopyQ 2.7.1

CopyQ is a feature-rich software application that keeps track of all Clipboard content to put together a history list. It comes loaded with some really handy options and configuration settings to please most types of users. It's basically a simple clipboard management utility for Windows. It allows you to save more than the default one item into clipboard which is the limit for Windows. Each time that you copy or cut something, it's gonna be saved to the expanded clipboard of CopyQ, both files and text can be saved. From that point on, you can simply manage items from the clipboard, paste, remove, and group.

The complete package includes translations and plugins for text with highlighting, images, web pages, various data, notes, encryption, FakeVim editor, and data synchronization. Any of these components can be excluded from setup.

Toward the end of the installer, the app can be set to automatically run at every Windows startup until further notice.

At startup, CopyQ creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area and immediately starts recording Clipboard contents. It is possible to move any selected entry to the Clipboard to make it the active clip, remove ir from the history list, and view content in detail.

In addition, you can edit text, take notes, export tabs to file and import them at a later time, define global shortcuts, manage processes, disable Clipboard storing, sort the selected items in ascending or descending order, create multiple tabs, and so on.

CopyQ lets you change the UI language, wrap long text, make the frame stay on top of other window, disable the confirmation dialog on exit, adjust the window's transparency when it is focused and unfocused.

Furthermore, you can hide tabs, the toolbar, toolbar labels and tray icon, specify the maximum number of clips to keep in the history list, define the external editor, change the position of the notifications, customize colors for all UI elements, and more.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPLV3/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 9.75MB

SHA256: 781787ef7db6801a843ded62900380cccf31a0e9917fa13a55b19932a8f35dac

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