Yadabyte Dictionary 1.02

Yadabyte Dictionary is a portable dictionary and translator tool that can be stored and run entirely from a USB device. It features a complete multilingual dictionary. One fascinating feature of this Portable Dictionary is that it can translate many different languages via it's built in Dictionary Translator which could be used to translate any text from one language to another.  Yadabyte Dictionary displays information about the word or phrases, and can provide references, images and audio examples as well. This application does require the .NET framework 2.0 or later to be installed.

Windows Device Recovery Tool 3.7.1

Windows Phone Recovery Tool helps you to reset and recover your Lumia smartphone. This application can detect the hardware/software model and version of the connected phone and download latest approved version of Windows 8. Reinstalling the operating system solves problems due to Windows applications. It'll install the latest version of Windows approved for your phone and remove everything else, including your apps, games, texts, call history, music, and photos. It also allows you to restore your smartphone's OS to a previous version if any errors or crashes were encountered when you upgraded it to Windows 8, 8.1 or 10.

CCleaner Portable 5.19

CCleaner Portable is a free tool designed to clean and optimize your computer. Remove junk and temporary files, free up hard drive space, erase online history, and more. The program also includes additional tools such as a registry cleaner, uninstaller, file finder, driver wiper, and startup manager. CCleaner deals with a rather sensitive segment involved in computer maintenance, namely secure cleaning. It performs an in-depth analysis of almost all areas of your system and detects unused or invalid entries that clog the Windows registry, preventing it from running at its best. No installation is required to use this tool.

Explzh 7.34

Explzh for Windows is a comprehensive tool for creating, extracting and managing archives.
The program supports a good range of archive formats, including zip, 7z, rar, tar, ace, lzh, arj, cab, iso, img, msi, sfx and more.You can spend most, if not all of your time running the program from its right-click Explorer menu, creating or extracting archives, splitting or encrypting them as required. The real power of Explzh is only obvious when you open the full application, though, which has options and features that you won't always find elsewhere. This is a very user-friendly tool that's suited to novices and professionals alike.

Keypirinha 2.8

Keypirinha is a portable tool for keyboard ninjas on Windows. It is a very generic tool hand-crafted with love by a nerd for nerds that allows to execute any kind of task using your keyboard only, by typing a small fraction of its name.  May it be to start an application, to open a file, a web bookmark, or more exotic tasks like evaluating a mathematical expression in- line, or launching a PuTTY/FileZilla/WinSCP session directly, ... It has been designed to allow lightning fast searches, to have a small memory footprint and a file-driven configuration scheme. It is also battery friendly.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home 3.1.5

Acrylic WiFi is a WiFi scanner for Windows Vista/7/8/10 that allows you to search for WiFi networks and overlapping WiFi Channels around. Scan your home for nearby WLANs and select the optimal WiFi channel with less overlapping WiFi networks. This advanced and free WiFi scanner displays WiFi access points and connected WiFi clients. Showing WiFi devices connected to the network is possible because Acrylic WiFi it's a free scanner that supports monitor mode under Windows, By enabling monitor mode under windows Acrylic WiFi is able to extract information about wifi devices that are interacting with your WiFi networks.

HoneyView Portable 5.18

Honeyview is a portable image viewer supporting various formats. Honeyview can open common image formats. It also allows viewing an archive without extraction - ideal for manga and cartoon viewing. Supported archive formats include ZIP, RAR, 7Z, LZH, TAR, ALZ, and EGG. Images can be viewed in various modes such as Fill and Parallel View. Slideshows are also supported with various transition effects. Favorite images can be copied to a user-selected "Photo Folder" for easy access and storage. If an image has GPS information, the location can be viewed on Google Maps.No installation is required to use this tool.

WinUAE 3.3.0

WinUAE has been designed as a software solution capable to emulate the old Commodore Amiga computers and allow you to run programs built specifically for this type of computing machine. In other words, WinUAE is a Windows port of the UAE Amiga emulator that has the capacity to emulate the Commodore Amiga 500, 1000 and 2000. This is easily one of the most complex emulators we have seen with more options than you could possibly ever use. You will need to know where to find the resources to properly use it. It also supports multiple CPU’s, drive emulation and more.

Portable HDDExpert 1.13

HDDExpert is a portable tool that gives you a crystal-clear vision of your Hard Drive (HDD or SSD) health and performance and translates S.M.A.R.T. attributes into readable indication. It then recommends maintenance (fans upgrade, spare purchase, backups and more) depending on the amount of failures detected on your hard drives. It basically allows you to quickly view information regarding the current health status and performance levels of your hard disk with this lightweight tool. Given this is a portable edition, there's no need to install it. Just simply run the executable and use the tool thereafter.

ScreenSnap 3.2

ScreenSnap is a little digital tool that is especially designed to offer you a simple and efficient way in which you can take a screenshot of your computer desktop. Screensnap is a small, easy-to-use screen capture program that sits in the Windows system tray. When you press a hotkey, it captures and saves a snapshot of your screens to a path and image format of your choosing. Basically, it's a lightweight tool that you can use to take snapshots of your our entire computer screen or just a portion of it and share it online. Given it's very easy to use, this tool is suited to both professional users and novices alike.

Portable Trout 1.0.6

Portable Trout is a a simple "load'n'play" type of audio player which supports MP3, WAV, OGG, and FLAC and it also doesn't display or use tags. It also Supported audio formats (with included plugins) FLAC, WMA, WMP, WMV, ASF, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, WV, WVC, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, APE, AC3, SPX, TTA, OFR, MPC, and ALAC. Basic freeDB support for audio CD track titles, has WinampAPI support for external control and display, includes extremely customizable hotkey system, and Toaster style popup.No installation is required to use this tool.

V-CamShow 1.5.2

V-CamShow is a free webcam slide show and screen saver. It enables you to watch your favourite webcams as a slide show or a screen saver. There is no limit to the number of webcams you can view. V-CamShow employs an intelligent algorithm to auto-detect and auto-adjust the refresh rate - this will work for most, though not all, cams. This prevents you from downloading the same image over and over again. It can also detect slow or inactive cams and, depending on your choice, can either reduce their refresh rate or disable them completely, all done automatically.

USB Raptor 0.0.3

With USB Raptor, you can use a flash drive as key for locking and unlocking your computer. Once you have set the flash drive, your computer will lock whenever you remove it, and unlocking it is as easy as plugging in the drive. USB Raptor works by writing a special unlock file to the selected drive, which is encrypted. The program keeps checking for the file, and if it does not find it, it automatically locks the computer. The processes of locking and unlocking are automated, which means you do not need to do anything apart from plugging your USB drive either in or out. No installation is required to use this tool.

Wise Program Uninstaller 1.94

As the name implies, Wise Program Uninstaller is a software solution which deals with the uninstallation of programs from your computer. It packs some extra features, compared to the default Add or Remove Programs function of Windows. The interface of the tool is clean and intuitive. You can view a list of all installed apps on your system, which is automatically displayed when starting Wise Program Uninstaller. This list reveals useful information on each item, namely its name, publisher, size, installation date and version. Also, can find how many apps are shown in total.

DesktopOK 4.36

DesktopOK is a portable tool that allows users to change the screen resolution. It allows you to save your icon locations for each screen resolution. Each user can then have, his own arrangement. Minimize to tray area for easy access. Launch at Windows startup. DesktopOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small USB-stick or other memory device. Using DesktopOK is fairly straightforward: simply click the Save button to save the current arrangement of icons and Restore to fix them after they've become disorganized. You can save multiple icon arrangements and name them for reference.

Kingo ROOT 1.4.6

KingoRoot is a Android utility aimed to help Android users root their phones and tablets without needing to connect to a PC. It is the easiest and fastest one click apk root tool, which can get you a rooted device with a few simple steps in minutes. Constantly updating and improving root scripts in KingoRoot makes it powerful in every way. It perfectly covers Android 1.5 to 5.1 mainstream models from different manufacturers including Samsung, Google, HTC, SONY, Motorola and more. It's straightforward application that provides a one-click method to root Android devices in order to enable full capacity for smartphones.

Pulover's Macro Creator 5.0.1

Pulover's Macro Creator is an automation and script portable writing tool. It features a large range of automation commands, has a built-in recorder and can capture inputs in its interface. The macros can be executed from the program itself or you can export them to AutoHotkey Script format. You can add not only keystrokes and mouse actions to your scripts but also manage windows, controls, files, strings, search images/pixels and even create If/Else Statements to control the flow of your Macros.Given this is a portable tool, no installation is required to use it.

NetWorx 5.5.4

NetWorx is a simple and free, yet powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth consumption situation. You can use it to collect bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet or any other network connections. NetWorx can help you identify possible sources of network problems, ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits specified by your ISP, or track down suspicious network activity characteristic of Trojan horses and hacker attacks. The program allows you to monitor all your network connections or just a specific network connection, such as Wireless or Mobile Broadband.

VDTimer 1.0.4

VDTimer application was designed to be a timer / scheduler for VirtualDub capture. After you have added items to the schedule, make sure VirtualDub is running in capture mode, and check "Enable Timer". VDTimer will start the capture by pressing F6, and stop it by pressing Esc. It also automatically renames the capture file (it checks before starting and after finishing). The schedule is saved to disk when exiting, and reloaded upon next run. It allows you to automate your video capture process when working with VirtualDub, thanks to the useful timers provided by this scheduling tool.

Free RAR Extract Frog 7.0

Free RAR Extract Frog extracts RAR archive files. RAR files aren't uncommon, but some ZIP tools don't handle the format; even if they do, it's often quicker and easier to use a tool like Free RAR Extract Frog. Files can be added by browsing, drag-and-drop, or right-clicking and selecting Extract on context menus. Though basic, Free RAR Extract Frog includes useful options like passwords and skins. To speed the decompression process up, Free RAR Extract Frog has the option to define a default output folder or a default password or both. A very simple and easy to use tool.

CopyQ 2.7.1

CopyQ is a feature-rich software application that keeps track of all Clipboard content to put together a history list. It comes loaded with some really handy options and configuration settings to please most types of users. It's basically a simple clipboard management utility for Windows. It allows you to save more than the default one item into clipboard which is the limit for Windows. Each time that you copy or cut something, it's gonna be saved to the expanded clipboard of CopyQ, both files and text can be saved. From that point on, you can simply manage items from the clipboard, paste, remove, and group.

HDD Guardian Portable 0.6.2

HDD Guardian is a portable tool which uses SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to check and display the health of compatible hard drives. Typically you'll probably just run HDD Guardian to query drives on demand, but the program can also manage and display error logs for each device. If you're particularly concerned, it's also possible to run the program in the background, and be alerted to any problems via an icon in your system tray. And an extensive Settings dialog even includes an option to receive email alerts. Given this is a portable tool, there's no installation required to use it.

deClutter Disk 1.1

Think you need a bigger disk? Are your data backups taking too long? Maybe the first question you should ask is how much junk is on your disk? Is your cloud storage filling up? Need to pay for more cloud storage? Think again. Free up local disk space or cloud storage, Speed up backups. inPocket Software's deClutter disk will help you quickly find and remove any large and unwanted user files and folders from your Windows PC or cloud storage. inPocket Software's deClutter disk quickly targets the largest files and folders on the storage and brings them to your attention in an easy to read display.

Windows ISO Downloader 3.0.2

Windows ISO Downloader is a portable tool which helps you find and download genuine Windows and Office ISOs. The program supports Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 10 Insider Preview, Office 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016. Choose the package you need and Windows ISO Downloader offers further options. We selected Windows 10 Insider Preview, for example, and were presented with a list of 8 recent builds, many of which were available in multiple formats. Given this tool is a portable edition, there's no need to install it. Just execute the file and use it thereafter. No changes are made to your PC.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 14.2

ZoneAlarm's award-winning free firewall is an industry leader in the field of personal firewall - and has been for more than a decade. It stops internet attacks at the front door and catches thieves on their way out. It proactively blocks both inbound and outbound attacks, so your PC is fully protected. ZoneAlarm free firewall includes Full Stealth Mode, which makes your PC invisible to hackers, and Kill Controls, which instantly disable malicious attacks. It's easy to use and operates automatically, so you'll never be interrupted with unnecessary alerts. ZoneAlarm free firewall also comes with free Online Backup, Identity Protection, and Gamer Mode.

Autoruns Portable 13.52

This tool, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and when you start various built-in Windows applications like Internet Explorer, Explorer and media players. These programs and drivers include ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. Autoruns reports Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notifications, auto-start services, and much more. Autoruns goes way beyond other autostart utilities.

Free WebM to MP3 Converter 1.1

Free WebM to MP3 Converter is a totally free program that converts WebM, MP4, FLV and 3GP files to MP3 or WAV format. Movies in these formats are used by most popular video sites. Additionally, the program allows you to extract original audio tracks from supported files without loss of sound quality. The program also lets you add tags (artist, album, title, year, etc.) when converting to MP3 and extracting to OGG and AAC.  If you have a collection of music videos downloaded from video sites and want to convert them to MP3, or save the original sound tracks to audio files, this program is for you.

MultiScreenshots 1.0.3

MultiScreenshots Is a portable tool that automatically takes screenshots of your desktop in a given interval from multiple hours up to every 10 seconds. The whole screen can be captured or only a part of the screen. The file format, compression ratio, file naming (sequentially or date/time based) and an automatic stop after a certain time duration can be configured. It is useful for example for tutorial descriptions or for a picture based documentation. English and german are available as program language. Settings are stored for each user. A cleaning function is integrated, so registry entries that have been created by the program can be easily removed.

CanoScan Toolbox 5.0.1

CanoScan Toolbox is a one-stop shop for all of your printing needs. Though it mostly works without a hitch, the lack of a workable Help feature could leave many users in the dark about some of its functions. The user interface is about as basic and straightforward as it gets, with prominent buttons for functions like Copy, Print, Mail, and more positioned side-by-side in a small window. Each button is labeled, so there's no question about its purpose. Clicking a button opens a dialog box that walks you through each step. The Settings menu offers selections and button settings for a scanner.

ESET AV Remover 1.1.8

ESET AV Remover is a portable cleaning tool that will do a clean and complete removal of your installed security software. You do not need to install the ESET AV Remover as it as a portable tool. Simply download it and run it. You will asked to accept a EULA. Once you have read it, click your acceptance to proceed. ESET AV Remover will then start searching your computer for installed antivirus, security suite and other security software. Once the installed software is detected and the list displayed, select one or more of the listed antivirus software and click Remove.

BTest 0.1

BTest is a small piece of software that enables you to determine the maximum traffic that can pass through the connection points of a wired or wireless router for the purpose of identifying possible conditions in which the data flow is limited due to the network resources. This tool allows you to conveniently test and learn how much traffic can pass through a connection point or a link of your MikroTik router. Simply stated, BTest is a bandwidth tool tester that can be used to monitor the throughput only to a remote MikroTik router (either wired or wireless) and thereby help to discover network "bottlenecks".

PhoneTrans 4.9.0

PhoneTrans helps you to spice up iPhone, iPad, iPod touch by transferring and managing music, Apps, movies, music videos, TV shows, podcasts, ringtones, e-books and all for Free. Got a sudden and serious hard drive failure on PC and lost all music collections? PhoneTrans can help you transfer music from iPhone back to computer for free. Without extra procedures, you are able to import and export iPhone music without tedious iTunes sync. Besides, when adding music to iPhone from a new music library, you do not have to worry about original songs being erased. This is a very user-friendly tool.

FreeArc 0.66

FreeArc is a portable compression tool which is popular for its highest compression levels. FreeArc uses LZMA, PPMD, TrueAudio, Tornado and GRzip algorithms with automatic switching by file type, and also uses set of filters. FreeArc works 2-5 times faster than best programs in each compression class while retaining the same compression ratio; from technical grounds, it's superior to any existing practical compressor. You can use any external program as compressor or filter as easy as internal ones, with Precomp, ECM, CCM(x), PPMonstr, Durilca, LPAQ, UDA and PAQ.

Samsung Magician 4.9.6

Samsung Magician is an effective application designed to ensure the maintenance and well-being of Samsung SSD drives through a unique suite of optimization and benchmarking tools. It allows you to optimize your SSD, benchmark it, update its firmware and erase its data securely by turning to this reliable, comprehensive application. In addition to providing information about the user’s system and SSD product, Samsung SSD Magician also supports advanced features, like SSD performance management, benchmarking for optimum performance, new firmware updates, etc.

Tictoc 3.3.0

Tictoc is a lightweight application that can help users communicate and share documents from different platforms. The software allows users to log in with their Facebook accounts. Free chat with your friends Free domestic & international voice calls Crystal clear call sound quality Tictoc does not collect user chat history data. iOS7 friendly design 3G, 4G, and wi-fi access anytime, anywhere. Like a good conversation, you only need to say something once. Experience the ultimate management with My Files to keep images and every documents neat, organized, and easily accessible on-the-go.

Privoxy 3.0.2

Privoxy is a Web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering Web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups, and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks. The interface is primarily text files, which makes it easy for advanced users to update the filters. Novice users will appreciate that this utility is easy to install.

Trekker Portable 1.2

Trekker Portable is a small, intuitive application that enables you to perform a variety of actions with PDF files, while also offering support for most common image formats. It allows you to view documents and pictures, extract and join pages, convert images to PDF and more.While Trekker Portable is primarily designed to function as a PDF viewer, it is perhaps best suited for users who need to organize their files, thanks to its PDF manipulation and conversion tools. View PDF files and images, extract pages from documents, merge them into larger files and convert pictures to PDF and more.

Ainvo Uninstall Manager 2.3.2

Ainvo Uninstall Manager removes unnecessary programs from the computer. The program is easy to use. Start searching for installed applications using the "Find programs" link. Remove the program you do not use by clicking the "Remove programs" link. Thanks to it, thousands of people save to their disks even more of those things that they really need and value. It allows you to multiple programs from your computer at the same time and get rid of registry entries left behind by other applications. Basically, it makes sure that no remnants are left behind from previously installed programs.

Rufus 2.8

Rufus is an utility that helps format and Create Bootable USB Flash Drives, such as USB keys or pendrives, memory sticks, etc. It can be be especially useful for cases where you need to create USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, etc.), to work on a system that doesn't have an OS installed, to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS, and to run a low-level utility. Creating an ISO image from a physical disc or from a set of files is very easy to do however, through the use of a CD burning application, such as the freely available.

Easy Context Menu 1.6

Easy Context Menu (ECM) is a tool that lets you add a variety of useful commands and tweaks to the Desktop, My Computer, Drives, File and Folder right-click context menus. This enables you to access the most used Windows components quickly and easily. Simply check the box next to the items you wish to add. Once added, just right click and the select the component shortcut to launch it.  You can add various context-menu entries to This PC, desktop, files, and folders (e.g. ‘Open Command Prompt Here,’ ‘Select All Files,’ ‘Delete Temporary Files’) and a lot more.

Anti Screen-Saver 0.1

Anti Screen-Saver is a portable tool that's an unobtrusive and simple-to-configure program to help you enable or disable screensavers on the fly, while running on low system resources. Some applications requied long time to work, but if your period to run screensaver is to small it will prevent to you see what is displayed on the screen. Yes, you may disable screensaver or change period to run it, but more simply is to run the Anti Screen-Saver program, and while this application is running your screensaver do not started. Given this is a portable tool, installation is not required.