Telegram Desktop 0.9.1

Way before WhatsApp Web came onto the market, Telegram already offered a desktop version of its security-focused messaging app. It may be light on features compared to the likes of Skype, but it's still years ahead of WhatsApp, which is still yet to release a desktop client (as its founders like to point out). To start using Telegram for Desktop you must already have signed up for an account on the Android, iOS, or Windows Phone app. Once you've verified your details via a mobile app you're ready to start chatting. This is a portable version, hence no installation is required to use the tool.

Telegram Desktop is a messaging application that can be carried around with you on a removable drive and used to communicate with friends on the go, without leaving traces in the host computer. It is the portable edition of Telegram Desktop, providing users with all the advantages of the latter, plus portability.

The most important feature of Portable Telegram Desktop is the enhanced conversation and file exchange security.

All the messages you send are automatically encrypted before cloud storage, so that you can chat with other users without worrying about privacy protection.

Telegram deploys editions for all major desktop and mobile operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, Android, iOS (Telegram Messenger) and Windows Phone.

Not only that you can sync your conversations on all these devices, but since all the data is stored online, you get quick access to all the conversations, regardless of your location.

Before using Portable Telegram Desktop you are prompted to create an account by specifying your name and a valid phone number, used for generating a unique security code.

Once you do so, you can start chatting with other Telegram users, no matter the device type they are using. Furthermore, you can create groups and broadcast messages to a maximum of 100 contacts at once.

The main window of Portable Telegram Desktop is intuitive, comprising a list of all the contacts, their status and exchanged messages.

Conversations can be enriched using funny emoticons. Also, the application features message notifications, also allowing document and picture transfers.

The big pluses of Telegram are its improved security protocols, cloud-based storage and its compatibility with multiple mobile and desktop operating systems. Your messages are encrypted prior to sending and you can easily read past conversations.

Portable Telegram Desktop adds one more thing to this list, providing you with a way to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances no matter where you are.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPLV3/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 16.4MB

SHA256: 09140dd7f56d7a03e2b8177481bd027b7c4fa1acf4669fab2d8e124f9d85ecb5

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