S7-200 3.0

Robotics is a rather new branch of technology that involves many steps in the development of autonomous robots that can function according to a set of instructions written in a program that governs their operation. Such software can be successfully tested on a PC, but only if an appropriate simulator is at hand. S7-200 is a well-designed program that is especially developed for simulation through the computer of the programmable robots of SIEMENS S7_200. Designed to emulate the S7-200 Micro PLC at work, this solution is also able to do the same for the TD 200 HMI (Human-machine interface).

To provide developers with a means of implementing the routines and controlling the data flow between the parties involved Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) have been introduced. A tool that brings all the functions of such a device right onto a desktop computer is S7-200.

Designed to emulate the S7-200 Micro PLC at work, this solution is also able to do the same for the TD 200 HMI (Human-machine interface). Thanks to a simple yet well organized GUI, the application will assist anyone in carrying out a test involving a specific program.

S7-200 can prove quite helpful when it comes to experimenting with applications created in Micro/WIN, a package that is aimed at those who write programs for the S7-200 PLC.

It is necessary to export the apps and then simply load them in this simulator to check out their functioning parameters.

Insofar as the configurations offered by the S7-200 simulator are concerned, they are mostly CPU related. This means that the type of processor involved in the simulation can be selected from the many varieties available in the dedicated area.

Also, there is an option for reading the CPU type, but it will make the tested software to become limited by the options addressable to a pre-existent processor.

If you need to view the information related to the selected central processing unit, there is a special function that displays the model, inputs and outputs as well as the initial address.

All in all, S7-200 provides all the necessary features for verifying on a computer programs especially written for robots. It can handle the Micro/WIN applications very well and the usage is not at all complicated, even it the nature of the software may make it seem so.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.19MB

SHA256: b1848dc347c546e810e4cb3b2a21dfa0cb803824b7f1019b3fa9f8996111d7b1

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