Finance(i) 1.2

Finance(i) is a relatively simple utility that provides you with a helpful set of tools for managing your finances. It is easy to use for the most part, although it does need some improvements in this regard, and it features a minimalistic interface. While some people have a very good grasp of economics, many have a hard time figuring out how to calculate interest rates, payments and balances. Fortunately, there are plenty of applications that can help you out. Finance (i) just so happens to be one of those applications. Because of it's ease of use, it's suited to professionals and novices alike.

Calculate interest, amortized loan payments, balances and rates, with this straightforward financial utility that features a minimalistic interface

 It is clear that Finance(i) was designed with functionality in mind, as the user interface is not particularly impressive. The application is very outdated from a visual standpoint, but, to be fair, this should not be an issue for those who only need a no-nonsense calculator that does the job.

The program is designed to help you calculate simple and compound interest, effective rates, amortized loans and your current remaining balance, as well as IRA and 401K withdrawals.

On the whole, Finance(i) is very novice-friendly, and the included documentation should help first-time users understand what each of the specialized economic terms indicates.

However, it is difficult to perform calculations quickly with this utility, as you have to click a button once you have entered the required values, when simply pressing the Enter key would have been a lot easier.

Also, you cannot copy the result to the clipboard, and the inserted values are lost when switching to a different function.

In conclusion, Finance(i) is a handy utility that could prove to be invaluable for users who have a hard time making sense of the information provided by their banks.

It enables you to calculate interest, effective rates, amortized loans and balances, using data that should be readily available.

The outdated user interface may not be to everyone’s tastes, but this is a great program if you are looking for a quick and easy method of performing financial calculations.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.59MB

SHA256: 978123c86b1cbc981770fbd8bdfc58ef4030f8d9b3adf06b71b928cc0394c073

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