Mousotron 11.0

Mousotron allows you to monitor mouse speed, distance and keystrokes, compare your results online or save data locally. It's a  lightweight and fun application. Mousotron calculates the statistics regardless of which programs you're using, even when you're gaming. Mousotron just needs to sit in the system tray. It uses very little resources so you will hardly know it is running in the background. If you want to keep track of your results on the fly you can also configure to display the results on top of all other windows. You can configure which of the above items need to be displayed on screen.

Monitoring activities helps in research by getting an idea of general behavior. This comes in handy for developing new products or generate statistics for projects.

Far from such a professional approach, applications like Mousotron let you keep an eye on mouse and keyboard activity, in a similar manner your gauge indicates info for your car.

It's enough to get the application deployed on your computer, with little to no effort required on your behalf. The main window is a clever table with several entries that keep track of keystrokes, mouse button usage, as well as speed and distance of the cursor. Uptime is also shown, even an idle timer so you know how much input is used or not.

Refresh rate is impressive, with values updating in real time from the moment you run the application. This is best viewed for speed and coordinates, with values changing at confusing speeds. You can move the dashboard anywhere on your desktop and make it stay on top of other windows to constantly view monitored details.

Customization has a little saying in practicality, with a few options accessible from a dedicated menu. These refer to visual aspects as well as technical details.

The main window comes in a fixed size according to the screen resolution, with editable options referring to orientation, conversion units, transparency level, as well as the background color to make it blend with your desktop.

By default, the application displays all it can about keystrokes and mouse usage. You can change these settings from a dedicated panel, which lets you select only entries of interest.

Practicality is enhanced by the possibility save gathered statistics to a TXT file you can use in other projects. Additionally, you can upload data to an online service and compare your results to other individuals.

All things considered, Mousotron is a handy utility which monitors input usage, displaying it in real time and giving you the possibility to save data. It's a fun way of knowing how fast you can move your mouse around and across what distance in daily computer activities.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.04MB

SHA256: 063bdf96041d7d28df34e52194e6efa3de677f60b1922659d97984452fa5cb7d

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