Don't Panic 3.1.0

Don't Panic is a configurable "boss key", a simple tool which reduces the chance of others catching you playing games, browsing YouTube, or doing anything else you really shouldn't on your PC. The program can instantly close or minimise up to three applications, launch other applications to take their place, delete shortcuts from the Recent Files folder, empty the Recycle Bin, even clear your Internet Explorer history. When it's all set up, clicking the Don't Panic button at any time (or using a hotkey) closes your game/ browser/ anything else opens and makes it look like you're actually working.

Don't Panic is a software that you can use to close multiple programs at once, by simply pressing a button.

The interface of the application consists of a standard window that allows you to switch to panic mode (a button placed on the lower right side of the screen), as well as go to the "Options" area you configure program behavior.

So, you can change the interface language, enable Don't Panic to always run in panic mode and to automatically check for program updats on startup, as well as hide the "Don't Panic!" button in panic mode or adjust its transparency level.

On top of that, you can enable Don't Panic to run in administrator pivileges, set the process priority (e.g. idle, normal, high), as well as enable the program to terminate processes or just close them.

But Don't Panic can also delete all shortcuts from the Recent Files folder along with Internet Explorer history, cache and cookies, as well as empty the Recycle Bin.

Furthermore, you can create a blacklist and enable closing or hiding particular software, as well as enable Don't Panic to run a specific program. Settings can be saved or restored to their default values.

The simple-to-use program takes up an extremely low amount of system resources, has an excellent response time and does not freeze, crash or pop up errors.

Don't Panic is fun, and surprisingly configurable, but don't rely on it too much. The program should make it harder for a family member to see which windows are open on your computer, but if you're misusing a work PC, and your boss gets someone technical to inspect it, they'll find out the truth with no problem at all.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.42MB

SHA256: a738eede47fdae938f4c346fb58a113c249dc8fa4656bd40cb6ac14f90cc7537

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