Cortana Helper Tool 1.0

Cortana Helper Tool is a very simple app that helps you to reset Cortana settings. It can fix Cortana restrictions and errors including "Cortana is disabled by company policy" and "Online Search is disabled by company policy". The usage is simple, open the program, click "Reset Cortana", and restart your PC, that's all. Also included are some special options to customize Cortana functionality so more experienced users can enjoy this application as well. Cortana Helper Tool allows you to remove all restrictions on Windows's virtual assistant and automate some of the tasks.

Given the popularity of Apple's Siri, it was just a matter of time before the competition picked up the race and delivered virtual assistants of their own. Although it was launched with bells and whistles, Cortana is still far from being the perfect assistant.

As the name suggests, Cortana Helper Tool is an application designed to help you set up the Windows companion accurately so you can reap the maximum benefits of the operating system's search, reminder and other functions you commonly use.

After a quick and uneventful installation, you are welcomed by a sleek and stylish interface that consists of 2 main tabs.

To be more precise, you can reset Cortana and bypass all previous configurations you set for the personal assistant. Moreover, using the reset function entails that you can fix restrictions such as the assistant being disabled due to various reasons.

Moreover, you can specify if you required help when performing a Windows search and make sure the assistant does not use the web for performing searches. Lastly, you can disable the application on Microsoft Edge from the Configure Cortana tab.

In addition to helping you configure Cortana to your needs and work preferences, the program also includes a bundle of quick action buttons.

Among the utilities you can access via the program, you can count the Task Manager, Registry Editor, Windows Firewall and the Events Viewer, to name a few.

On a side note, another noteworthy feature of the utility is that you can hide your IP when browsing the Internet and disable the online search function from Windows.

This function can be quite useful when you want to find a particular file on your local drives and you need to know the results fast.

In the eventuality that you are thinking of making Cortana a permanent and efficient assistant for your computer, then Cortana Helper Tool might be the utility you need to make sure you configure it correctly.

Platform: Windows 10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.42MB

SHA256: f22b4b4765434fbd025977c9070444979671cf1bd6b496dd7aca364b332aac1e

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