Cockroach on Desktop 1.2

Cockroach on Desktop appears as a small icon in the system tray, and right-clicking it gives users access to its settings. The program can display between one and 99 cockroaches on startup, and the menu also lets users add roaches to the screen one or five at a time. The roaches come in two styles: one slightly fatter and with different markings than the other, maximizing the realistic ickiness of the bugs. The lifelike movement of the roaches' legs is especially irksome. When you see one of these cockroaches on the screen, they look very real. They even walk same way real cockroaches do.

Whether you have a real passion for insects or simply want to pull a prank on a friend, Cockroach on Desktop can be of service. You can also use it to decorate your desktop during Halloween.

This lightweight and simple-to-use tool allows you to display numerous cockroaches that crawl along your screen. The effect is pretty realistic.

You can make beautiful laughter, if you like these types of jokes. You can manage all cockroach settings from system tray cockroach icon where you can enable it for startup, add more cockroach on desktop and exit option also. Application use less system resources so you can use it without think about system speed worry.

Once you double-click the app's executable file, a set of five cockroaches is displayed in the center of the screen; they start crawling in random directions and have various shapes and speed levels.

Each new program initialization brings up five additional cockroaches. The tool places an icon in the system tray from where you can add one or five more cockroaches. It is also possible to remove one cockroach at a time, by double-clicking it on the screen.

In the 'Settings' area you can set Cockroach on Desktop to stay on top of other applications and to automatically load as system startup, as well as specify the number of cockroaches to start with. Plus, you can access the developer's homepage by accessing the 'About' menu.

The fun tool consumes a very low amount of CPU and system memory, supports three languages for the interface (English, French and German) and has a good response time.

Cockroach on Desktop does not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Bug lovers can surely related to this app.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.70MB

SHA256: ba356c6808cb18fb83ae32bda019edfba53bce310185fb295a910fbfbfb5ef68

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