ClipUpload 5.00

ClipUpload is a simple to use application that allows you to quickly upload a file or a screenshot to one of the supported platforms, as well as to a FTP location. This innovating application adds a new icon to your system tray. Upon right-clicking it, you will get a menu to upload whatever is in your clipboard to where you chose it to be. For example, you can quickly drag and upload a screenshot of anything on your screen to an FTP server, SSH server using SFTP, Dropbox public folder, Imgur, Pastebin and even Facebook, and immediately put the link to it in your clipboard, so you can paste the link in an IM or IRC window.

ClipUpload is a reliable program that facilitates file transfer via online networks, such as Facebook, Imgur, Zippyshare or Pastebin.

The application allows you to easily send the files to a remote location via FTP connection, as well as save the contents of the clipboard to your desktop.
Minimal interface, quick responses

ClipUpload does not feature a desktop dashboard, instead it allows you to quickly connect to one of the supported platforms by clicking on the icon in the system tray.

Simply right-click on the ClipUpload icon and the context menu is prompted. You may thus select to upload the desired files either to Facebook, Imgur, Pastebin, Pastebin Raw or Zippyshare.

Additionally, you can setup a remote location via a FTP server and upload your file to the indicated address. The software can easily upload whichever object is copied to clipboard, if the platform can support it.

For instance, Imgur supports pictures, Facebook allows you to upload both images and videos, while Zippyshare can host several types of files.

As soon as a file is successfully uploaded to the selected, platform, the program prompts a message in the system tray area.

You are thus notified that the transfer is finished and the URL is already copied to clipboard. Alternatively, you can save the contents of the clipboard on your own desktop.

The application allows you to monitor the number of uploads you have made to either of the platforms. Moreover a specified log indicates the exact date and time of each transfer, the network and the associated URL.

The desktop snapshot function of ClipUpload is another element that makes the application very useful. You need to simply select the specific option from the context menu, then click and drag the mouse in order to capture the screenshot.

The picture is instantly copied to clipboard, then uploaded to the selected platform. However, you need to provide login credentials for the websites that require user authentication.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.41MB

SHA256: 8113ee7ad30a537bd80dd630c2b91057885f83f87c0abfcbdfa7a770411b361a

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