BlackBeltPrivacy 6.20

BlackBeltPrivacy Tor+WASTE+VoIP is an easy-to-use Tor client and server that includes WASTE and VoIP. Tor enables anonymous browsing, aiding proxy and censorship avoidance, but do not rely on this for strong anonymity. WASTE enables chat, file transfer and support. MicroSip allows free PC to PC calling with no account sign-up along with the added security of no middleman server. BlackBeltPrivacy allows you to protect your privacy during browsing or VoIP call sessions and securely share files with this bundle that comprises MicroSIP, Tor and WASTE.

BlackBeltPrivacy is an Internet security-related tools suite that can protect users during various online tasks, such as chatting, making VoIP calls, or transferring files. The package automatically installs and configures all the necessary tools.

The tools are useful for anyone who wants to protect his privacy during Internet browsing sessions (Tor). Else, the package can also be valuable for users that want to make VoIP calls (MicroSIP). Sharing files and joining chat rooms in an identity protected environment is facilitated by the WASTE component.

In essence, BlackBeltPrivacy is just an installer for other tools that actually protect users' privacy; therefore, it is a windowless application.

The components feature highly clean and efficiency-geared GUIs. Tor integrates with the installed browsers and, therefore shares their interfaces. As for the other two tools, both have a very intuitive layout.

The bundle can cater to a wide variety of needs, and how exactly it is employed depends on the expectations users have of it. For example, one can use just Tor, in order to ensure browsing anonymity. The application integrates seamlessly with most popular browsers and allows users to protect their privacy when browsing online.

WASTE can be used in order to join chat rooms and communicate with users in a highly secure environment. The tool also allows users to share documents without any concerns for privacy breaches.

The last bundle module, MicroSIP, is valuable if one needs to initiate VoIP calls. The softphone utility allows users to carry out confidential calls to computers that have the resource installed and properly configured.

In conclusion, BlackBeltPrivacy is a must-have bundle for users that want to protect their identity during time spent online.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPLV3/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 24.9MB

SHA256: 44f902fa4f3fdc9b3112fd854fec1aacff9a1a572fadd93642475e19b811e57e

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