BaseFolder 3.6.0

Here is an perfect solution for those who are looking for a personal file storage system. basefolder is a tool which transforms your home system into a data storage server with simple installation, which is very easy to save and access the files from anywhere. Unlike the cloud storage system your files are not saved in the unknown companys server, all files are saved in your home system which are very safe, secure and private. For using basefolder service you have to install and do a simple registration process by providing your email id and password.

BaseFolder is a reliable program designed to help you safely access the files stored on your computer from anywhere.

The application allows you to synchronize the files with a cloud account, which you may access with your login credentials. This way, you can have access to certain files without compromising the privacy of your computer.

BaseFolder allows you to create a cloud account, an online, private hosting space, in which to add important folders. The program allows you to easily access files that you often need, in an easy way and without compromising the safety of your own computer.

The storage space in BaseFolder is unlimited, which allows you to share even large files, that would be difficult to transfer otherwise. In order to make the transfer easier, the software creates a specific folder, on your computer, for cloud synchronization.

All you need to do is copy the files into the BaseFolder on your computer and they are instantly uploaded to the cloud account.

BaseFolder prompts you to create a user profile on the website, in order to access the cloud account. When installing the application on a particular PC, it automatically sets the computer as Base System, meaning the main storage space for the files.

If you install the application onto a different station, it is recommended that you login using another email address. Otherwise the files uploaded to the cloud are replaced with the ones you copied into the BaseFolder on the new computer.

Similarly, if you wish to be able to access the files from a different PC, it is recommended that you select to save copies of the files in the cloud.

BaseFolder facilitates the file transfer between your computer and other specific location. The software allows you to use a cloud storage space as intermediary for the transfer and creates a folder on your computer for synchronization. As soon as you copy files into the specified folder, they are instantly uploaded onto the cloud.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.15MB

SHA256: 8da4537595dd660f5765af9bfaf7f8cc7d61a18eeb2b50224d49fe1a36cf78cd

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