Pen Oasis 1.0

Pen Oasis is a free network testing tool that provides you with the ability to scan your network infrastructure for susceptibility to DOS or DDoS attacks. Pen Oasis achieves this by hitting your network with an attack, after completion, it then informs you whether the attack was a success. If your network is secure then there is no message and the program simply terminates. In order to start the testing process you need to enter your valid IP address as well as a TCP port number - once you press the 'attack' button there is no way to abort the test.

If you are responsible for maintaining a network's well-being between optimal parameters, you are probably aware of the wide variety of threats that might jeopardize its security.

Therefore, you might find it useful to rely on third-party software solutions to test if your network is secured against some of those threats, such as DOS or DDOS attacks. One of the applications that can prove to be valuable in this situation is Pen Oasis.

This program can be installed on your computer in an effortless manner since it does not require you to perform any advanced configuration. It comes with a user-friendly interface that integrates a few functions that you can access with little to no difficulty.

However, caution is highly advised, especially for computer novices, since, if misused, this tool has the potential to cause damage to your network.

The concept behind this application is quite simple: it can help you test your network's resistance against DOS attacks by performing its own attack and letting you know whether or not it succeeded.

In order to test your network, you just need to provide the application with a valid IP address and a TCP port number, so that it can begin the process. Once the attack has been launched, there is no way to stop it from within the application.

Although you cannot stop the process after executing it, the application automatically terminates the attack in case it identifies a relevant vulnerability inside your network. On the other hand, if your network is DOS-proof, the process terminates without any message.

To wrap it up, Pen Oasis is a lightweight, handy application that can help you test your network against DOS attacks by performing its own attack. It comes with a simple user interface and non-complicated controls.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.09MB

SHA256: 86e4dab5dcc81d81d697d146e07fe7dfb9997c085dec4df449552ffd986931c9

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