Huge Fake File Creator1.0

Huge fake file creator is a portable System Utilities tool developed by ShockingSoft. After testing this tool extensively,  the tool proved to be official and very secure. With this small piece of software you can create huge files (10TB maximum). No mather what size you choose, it will only take up 4KB from your disk memory. The created files are pretty unusable, maybe just for fake sharing. It allows you to create  huge fake files (ten terabytes maximum in size) in order to test various application software or just for using them within hubs. No installation is needed to use this tool.

Huge Fake File Creator addresses a small group of users as its purposes may only regard two types of users: the ones that take things seriously and the ones that do not.

This means that Huge Fake File Creator can prove to be a great tool in a bigger, more complex software arsenal as well as an utility designed to help you fake your share ratio within Direct Connect hubs.

The main objective of such programs is undisclosed most of the times just because its main, and sometimes only, aspiration. This time, though, the developer is as sincere as they come, stating that the “created files are pretty unusable, maybe just for fake sharing”.

For starters, fake sharing is a method that, although illegal in some circles (not properly illegal), can get you up and running in no time.

It was and it is still utilized by users connecting to DC hubs that do not present anti-fake share technologies in order to help them get access to the resources shared by other users.

Direct Connect refers to a protocol for P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing. As a client, you connect to a hub and perform searches and perform file exchange freely, as long as you have something to share.

Leaving the less legal aspects of DC hubs and the content shared by users, they tend to ask for at least a couple of gigabytes to share alongside some other rules that forbid you from sharing Windows specific directories just to get in.

This calls for a fake share and the Huge Fake File Creator application can be exactly what you need in this specific case.

The bottom line with Huge Fake File Creator is that it can quickly and easily generate a file as big as ten gigabytes in the least possible time.

While it can be used within various test setups, such a file can really help new Direct Connect users that currently do not posses any data to share and even reach certain quotas.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 165KB

SHA256: 5545a3dd443e36106b4f419accf50fa4a99fb0b0f0d214c0b692ad7a13ae678a

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