CurrPorts 2.22

CurrPorts displays the list of all currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports on your local computer. For each port in the list, information about the process that opened the port is also displayed, including the process name, full path of the process, version information of the process (product name, file description, and so on), the time that the process was created, and the user that created it. In addition, it allows you to close unwanted TCP connections, kill the process that opened the ports, and save the TCP/UDP ports information to HTML file , XML file, or to tab-delimited text file.

CurrPorts is a lightweight application that can provide you with the list of all opened ports on your computer. It is a useful tool if you want to know the program that is using a specific TCP or UDP port.

The interface of the program is simple and displays a list with all the executable files that communicate through the TCP or UDP ports. You can view various details such as the process name, the remote address and the process path.

The established connections are marked with green and the unidentified applications with red. This enables you to easily notice the active connections and the potentially dangerous ones by just looking at the list.

If an application from the list is not required or unidentified you can immediately close the connection or kill the process. The information about the file location enables you to locate the executable and to remove it from your computer if it proves to be dangerous.

You can generate a HTML report with the collected information and save it to your hard drive for later analysis. The report can include all items or you can filter the list by using the process, port or remote address.

The information displayed in the main window can be customized by selecting the columns that you want to view. You can also enable the automatic refresh if you want to update the list of applications by using a preset time interval.

CurrPorts is a practical tool for viewing and managing the opened TCP or UDP ports on your computer. If you need a detailed report about the used ports, this program can help you.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 111KB

SHA256: a26624747ff792cafd724f994adbda0e5ba8d76c9336d23b07b553bce6824a82

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