Bitlets 3.2.4

Bitlets - those scraps of information that you remember you once read somewhere but you haven't a clue where and you wish you had kept a copy! This is a convenient desktop program for those scraps. It is in effect a free form database with a single key field and additionally, grouping. Keep notes, recipes, addresses, program bits, snippets of interest or almost any sort of text information tucked away for when you may need it. You can also set the program to automatically save bitlets, enhancing your clipboard. This is a portable tool, hence no need to Install it.

You’re free to try out the set of features as soon as the download process is finished. This means that you can also store it on a USB flash drive just to make sure nobody else has access to your confidential data.

 Another consequence of portability is that the target PC’s health status remains unaffected, since system registries are not a dependency.

A large scratchpad takes up most of the space, and is the location where you get to write the information you want to keep safe.

Every entry needs to be saved in a custom group, along with a unique name. Luckily, there’s also an option to have everything automatically saved, keeping these records with date and time tag for names.

Bitlets doesn’t force you to encrypt anything, but this can easily be done at the press of a button. A password is required to use for the algorithm and to keep the text secure, with a confirmation prompt when you want to decrypt.

Apart from encryption, the application can be used to store email templates, or send custom messages. A dedicated function brings up your default email client with detail fields already filled in, so you can quickly send it.

Customization is a bit shallow, but font options are enough to give a personal touch to notes and other kinds of info you store. A built-in search engine can be used to quickly locate items of interest. In addition, clipboard entries are saved in case you really need to copy various text strings in a short time.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Bitlets is a practical application overall, combining several text management functions in order to take notes, save confidential data, or even send emails via your default desktop client. A neat advantage is portability, letting you take all saved info on a USB flash drive.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 461KB

SHA256: 256b7b8abd300310dd660cc92686a567aed10cd9091716b74b759fdbcd58bf92

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