THandBrake (formerly Smallx264) 1.4.0

THandBrake is a comprehensive portable video encoding application based on the Handbrake engine that supports common video formats and features high conversion speed. In order to play videos across a large variety of devices, some files need to be converted to different formats from their original. Luckily, applications such as Smallx264 Portable give you the possibility to take your favorite movies wherever you go. You can select audio track for files with more than one track, keep all subtitle and audio tracks, manual or auto cropping and a lot more. No installation  is needed to use this tool.

Launching the application reveals an elegant design with just the right color tone set to each toolbar and button. Everything you hover the mouse cursor over is pleasantly highlighted so you always know where changes are made.

No additional windows need to be opened, every available function being available in the workspace. Desired files are easily imported either by pressing the “Add” button or simply by dropping them over the main window.

For the application to know what process to begin, you need to select one of the preset configuration options that make the resulting file be played by some of the most common devices.

Hitting the “Show Settings” button slides up several options regarding video and audio quality, several filters for enhancement, as well as some advanced options.

Amongst them, you manage to find a trim tool that puts two sliders at your disposal to set start and end time so you know precisely where to cut from.

However, the only way to see selected video is by clicking on the “Preview” button which opens a separate application that plays the given file. It would have been useful to see an integrated preview section.

The application only gives you the possibility to save to mp4 and mkv. Don't be discouraged though, because depending on the provided data, the quality is flawless.

All in all, Smallx264 Portable is a handy tool if you need to convert your favorite videos while still keeping quality. This version allows you to do so without any installation required.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 13.8MB

SHA256: 8a3360d1fd9868e890500fb142fab715b37f10d69fc1033a6b7b0acfd731eb58

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