SpeedyFox 2.0.1

SpeedyFox is a super-easy portable tool that will help speed up and refine Firefox and other browsers. Simple is definitely one of the best ways to describe SpeedyFox, a one-window, no options tool to optimize the performance of Firefox. SpeedyFox claims to speed up Firefox by defragmenting its SQLITE databases. It says that these databases get out of shape over time, slowing down start-up and delaying operations with cookies and history. You chose the Firefox profile you want to modify, its location and press the Speed Up My Firefox button. No installation is required to use this tool.

SpeedyFox Portable is a lightweight tool created to help you increase the speed of your Internet browser.

With this portable tool you are able to resolve issues that in time, slow down your browser due to the fragmentation of databases which store browser settings, bookmarks and history.

SpeedyFox Portable analyzes and compacts the SQLite databases that Firefox uses and as a consequence, they are optimized.

Since the application is a portable one, it doesn’t require any kind of installation and makes no changes to the system registry. This means that it can be copied and run from a Flash drive on any computer which has a browser installed.

Initially catered exclusively for Firefox, the application now provides optimization for other software such as Thunderbird, Skype, Google Chrome, Opera, Iron and others.

Since it’s the portable version of SpeedyFox, it’s cleverly enough build that it recognizes the presence of portable versions for the previously mentioned applications and optimize them as well.

When you run SpeedyFox Portable, it automatically scans your system and recognizes any existing browser profiles. You are then presented with a list and choose the one you want to optimize. The entire process takes but a few seconds and considerably shrinks the databases.

SpeedyFox Portable also displays a process log that tells you exactly which files have been optimized and allows you to save a report of the entire process as a TXT file.

Moreover, in case you’re into using applications from Windows Command Prompt, SpeedyFox Portable also comes with a series of command line parameters which you can use to run it in that environment.

In closing, SpeedyFox Portable is an easy to use and practical application that can certainly help you reduce loading time and improve the overall response of your browser for a considerable period in only a couple of seconds.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 812KB

SHA256: 0603e33fffd2878898db6987a13b503d120850e0674e6253183e30ec2d543860

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