NX Free ZIP Archiver 2.0

NX Free ZIP Archiver is a very simple program for compressing files into archives. You can select the files you want to compress by right-clicking your mouse button on them - the program will then launch itself building a ZIP file that you can later unzip by using any of the available presets. During the installation of NX Free ZIP Archiver it is integrated into the Windows Explorer context menu Windows, and there is only one point to Comress / Decompress - this is the point, and is designed to compress files and decompress them (depending on which file is clicked).

Although it's hard to believe there are users who still don't know how to use a compression tool, this is probably the easiest to use file archiver in existence.

Called NX Free ZIP Archiver, this application has been specifically developed to serve as a very easy to use compression utility, coming with absolutely no interface, but with an innovative approach.

Installing the app takes just a few seconds and although it has no interface, it integrates into the Windows context menu for instant access.

Working with NX Free ZIP Archiver is quite easy because there are only two available options, compress and decompress, accessible via a simple right click. Of course, both operations go pretty fast, or at least they did so in our tests, but keep in mind that you can't customize the compression process at all.

In other words, you won't be able to set up a password, change the compression method, split the archive in multiple volumes or access all the other tools that today's compression tools use to include.

Still, NX Free ZIP Archiver flirts quite okay with computer resources and it won't eat up the CPU and RAM while compressing or decompressing files, so it serves its purpose the way it should.

Plus, all the archives are created in the ZIP format, which means they are also compatible either with the dedicated WinZip tool, or with one of the many compression tools out there supporting this particular format.

All in all, NX Free ZIP Archiver is more than a decent compression tool, and as long as all you need is a simple file archiver, this may just be the right app.

You need no computer skills what so ever due to the cleverly integration into the context menu, getting the job done well and fast.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 307KB

SHA256: 13c3a131d78fbcce637273a775b681c6a4394b273dfacd5a97d93451e603bd85

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