Logon Loader 3.0

Logon Loader allows you to simply and easily change your Windows XP startup screen without any specialist knowledge. Simply download the startup screen that you'd like displayed when you start Windows and once set, the picture will be shown every time you start Windows XP. You can load as many pictures or images as you want so that when you want to change it, you can do so easily simply by selecting another picture. You can even program it to cycle through screens so that you've got a different picture every time you start Windows.

As popular as XP might be, one needs to admit that it comes with rather limited interface elements, including the screensavers, wallpapers or logon screens. This last category can get enhanced using Logon Loader, an intuitive application that allows users to personalize the way their PC looks like during logon.

The application requires .NET Framework 1.1 to function properly, and it automatically launched the download webpage if it is not detected on the host computer. Other than this, no other issues arise when installing the application and it can be used right away.

The main window of Logon Loader displays the current logon image of the host computer, and allows users to browse to the location of the image they want to use instead. The new picture can be previewed so that users can decide if they want to keep it or try another one.

To facilitate easy access, users get the chance to create a list of their preferred logon images within the Favorites tab, so they are within reach when the current picture needs to be replaced.

Logon Loader can also be set to automatically run at startup and to randomly select the image to be used as the logon background.

It needs to be mentioned that this application supports only the logon replacements that are packed as *.exe files, so one might encounter some difficulty in finding compatible packages on the Internet, especially since the software solution does not feature any sample ones for users to experiment with.

All in all, Logon Loader can be a suitable tool for revamping the look of XP’s logon screen, while users can easily restore the default settings in case anything goes wrong.

Platform: Windows XP Only
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 283KB

SHA256: 9711c84c193bffed4b760c80d13e37c18c0bd108825324614e0e1661f731746f

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