CrystalDMI 1.0.6

CrystalDMI is a portable tool that displays the DMI (Desktop Management Interface) and SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) information, which includes a wide variety of data about the current system, its processor, cache, memory, etc. Simply put, CrystalDMI is a desktop management Interface utility with detailed information on various components in your system, including BIOS, Processor, Memory and more. If you want to display all information about your system, then this tool is for you. Given this is a portable edition, there's no installation required to use this tool.

It seems that whenever we need detailed information on our system, we seem to have a hard time finding it through all sort of registries and sections on our computers.

Fortunately, there is an application that could help with just that. CrystalDMI is a very nice software solution that offers lots of interesting tools and features for getting detailed information on your computer.

CrystalDMI sports a really intuitive graphical interface that allows you to get details and the information that you need.

It comes in various languages like Japanese and English, so pick the one that you would like to use.
Check details on your system configuration

It displays information on your SMBIOS/DMI, like the version, anchor string, entry point structure checksum and maximum structure size. You can also check the entry point revision, formatted area, structure table length and address.

Drag the menu down to see details on BIOS type, length, release date, vendor and more. It shows you the manufacturer of your device, product name, version, serial number and wake-up type. Base-board information is also available, like feature flags, board type and contained object handles.

Processor information is also available, like type, length, handle, socket information, external clock, maximum speed and part number. It displays the number of cores available on your device, together with CPU status and the current speed.

You can check cache information, size, type, socket designation and configuration. More over, there's the option to view information on system slots, device number and function.
More features and tools

It displays the memory device mapped address, system power controls, boot information, OEM strings, temperature probes and more. Information can be copied in text editors and save on your computer.

All in all, CrystalDMI is a very nice application that helps you check out information on your device and all of its components.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 177KB

SHA256: a43a07c45c4963eb07183cc1c454351e4a36a1d541a97ce1051f74a94d9db1c0

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