Briblo 1.0.3

Briblo Screensaver is a fun screensaver that's built with traditional colorful Lego bricks. Briblo is a very nice animated screensaver. Briblo shows a lego-building sesion.The blocks are movable with arrow keys and space bar. Briblo screensaver will install quickly into your system through its build in mechanism and you will be able to manage it via the System preferences panel, like any other screensaver. You can use it as any other screensaver to protect and spice up your monitor while you're away from the PC, but you can also interact with it by moving pieces and arranging them in the most appropriate spots.

Briblo Screensaver uses Lego pieces to liven up your screen while you're away from the computer, that is, exactly the same way as other screensavers.

This screensaver is actually a Flash game that is a Tetris style game using Lego blocks. Every time you go to wake up your computer you will be tempted to play Tetris. A neat screensaver for both Lego and Tetris fans alike.

But the good thing about Briblo is that you can actually interact and play with it. You only need to press any of the arrow keys while pieces are falling on your screen and you'll be able to move them around the screen. Use the spacebar to change its direction.

Once the piece is in the right position, press enter to let it drop down. One tip: you must be quick to change the piece's position, because otherwise it will just follow onto the ground. It's a pity you can't save games or save your Lego creations as images, don't you think?

In short, Briblo is an original screensaver that stands out of the crowd by offering an embedded Tetris-style game.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.62MB

SHA256: 911a3c20cb14e8337c8720c1cfb3894789cd63cc8d62fb870792d3be202aa33c

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