VSUsbLogon 1.12

VSUsbLogon allows to login Windows in a secure way via USB device, replacing the password based Windows login. You don’t need to remember and type your Windows password (but your system is still password protected). Users can be automatically logged into Windows as they insert the USB flash drive into the USB port. VSUsbLogon allows you to use PIN code to login Windows when USB device has been connected. VSUsbLogon supports USB HDD, USB flash drives and other USB devices like iPod, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and a lot more.

VSUsbLogon is a lightweight security application whose purpose is to help you log in to Windows via your USB flash drive by replacing the password-based Windows login session.

You can automatically log in to Windows by simply connecting the USB drive to the computer. User data is encrypted via the 256-bit AES algorithm.

The tool reveals a clean feature lineup and automatically lists the devices connected to your computer in the main window. In addition, you may reload or freeze the list with devices.

Detailed information about each device is displayed in a special panel, such as name, description, drive letter, file system, volume serial number, volume file system flags, internal ID, type, vendor, product ID, and class.

VSUsbLogon gives you the possibility to set up user credentials by providing information about the USB device, domain, username, and password.

When it comes to logon configuration settings, the application lets you pick the priority level, specify the PIN code, and automatically log in to Windows. Plus, you can un-assign or edit the current logon session.

You can define the action that is performed after inserting the USB device into the target system, namely lock the workstation or log off the current computer.

Plus, you may trigger a user-defined task after ejecting the USB device, namely shut down or restart the PC, lock the computer, log off the current user, or activate the hibernate or standby mode.

VSUsbLogon helps you show the PIN code and confirmation dialog, change the visual aspect of the utility by selecting between several themes, as well as delay the action (e.g. lock the workstation, turn off the computer) based on a custom number of seconds.

All in all, VSUsbLogon provides a straightforward way for helping you lock or unlock your computer with the aid of a USB flash drive, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.37MB

SHA256: 6cfc39fa154ed238ed95dc60bd6c013ef9bafb89bbfef3f51e993f62721ad385

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