SSuite NetVine 2.2.1

SSuite NetVine is a portable server-less communications application for LAN and Wi-Fi networks. This revolutionary new software application is the first ever to embrace true stand-alone communications processing in a local area networking environment that includes LAN and Wi-Fi. Ever since it got released on the news that every known security and intelligence service is monitoring every Skype, instant messaging, twitter, facebook and online e-mail account, internet users started to protect themselves against this invasion of privacy. No installation is required.

SSuite NetVine is a reliable tool that facilitates the transfer of files, instant messages or emails between users in the same network.

It is a server-less application that does not require an Internet connection and ensures that no data can be leaked online. This feature makes it a secure solution for intra-network communication.

Portable SSuite NetVine is a suitable solution for sending messages to other users, when they have access to a local or Wi-Fi network. The program thus takes advantage of the network connectivity, allowing you to easily send messages to other available stations.

The application is simple to use since it can automatically detect the available network and display the names of the connected stations. It allows you to send instant messages, emails and transfer various types of files. You may receive files or messages as easily as you send them.

Portable SSuite NetVine does not require an Internet connection, instead, it can send messages and other files through the local network.

This is one of its notable features since it can ensure that no data is leaked online, kept in cloud storage spaces or send to service providers. Moreover, it does not require installation and can even run from removable drives.

The application can send messages based on the internal IP addresses, but it also allows you to set a custom alias for your station, in order to be easily recognized. Moreover, it can store the most recent messages and emails in the inbox.

Portable SSuite NetVine is suitable for sending both instant messages, as well as formal emails. It allows you to reply or forward any email and insert pictures, hyperlinks or special characters.

Email attachments, however are not supported, but you can easily transfer files via the designated function in Portable SSuite NetVine.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.09MB

SHA256: 11c0cea3983dc8636bed3bc1598ffe248753b61fa87aa4abb7552e4bdfc5f8cf

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