Smuxi 1.0.1

Instant messaging has opened up new communication methods with increased efficiency and security. There is an abundance of protocols that can be used to safely chat with your friends, family or business associates. However, utilities such as Smuxi allow you to stay connected with friends from multiple protocols for more comfort. Smuxi can be detached. Start a server, and connect to it from any computer, anywhere. Resuming is seamless and changes are updated on all computers, so you can check what was going on while you were away.

Running the application throws you directly in a sample chat room, so you get a general idea of what can be accomplished. The main window is pretty simple and clean, allowing anyone to quickly accommodate, regardless of experience.

Most of the space is dedicated to keeping connected users with their eyes glued to the screen to read messages, while side panels provide quick access to chat rooms or private conversations, as well as a user list.

Moreover, the upper toolbar lets you connect to more rooms, change your nickname, or toggle a fullscreen mode with only a few mouse clicks.

There are several popular protocols to which you can connect, amongst which you find Facebook, IRC, Twitter or XMPP. All connections and profiles can be managed, with the possibility to stay connected on multiple accounts, as well as add your own client servers.

A hostname needs to be provided, as well as the port and your credentials so that the application can validate your connection.

What's more, if you're running a business and are looking for an efficient IRC client, the application lets you set the local computer or server as the primary engine so that other machines can connect.

As long as the server is running, conversation logs are saved and you can even use private conversations. However, the application doesn't come equipped with a function for file sharing, nor can it be set up over LAN without having an active server.

On an ending note, Smuxi manages to live up to expectations, even though it's missing a few things here and there.

The interface lets you quickly accommodate, while all tools are straight at your fingertips for an enhanced overall experience. Moreover, compatibility with popular protocols let you stay connected without the need of external applications.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 2.26MB

SHA256: a79f8f444306441cf5aff4ea517df3fee45e9dba57b0838f3dca4a6b59e2b958

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