Romeolight GIFmicro 1.6

Romeolight GIFmicro is a portable optimization tool for GIF animations that enables you to reduce the file size of your animated GIFs by optimizing the color palette and removing unneeded data. The program offers two optimization modes. The "Lossless Compression" mode reduces the file size without any degradation of image file quality, and the "Lossy Compression" which reduces the file size by optimizing the global color table, which will result in some quality loss but can achieve smaller file sizes. Given this tool is portable, no installation is required to use it.

Romeolight GIFmicro is a lightweight and user-friendly software solution aimed to provide you with the means of sensibly decreasing the size of GIF animations, in order to reduce their impact on traffic usage, when used on websites.

Being a standalone utility, you are spared from the task of installing it on your computer, meaning you can start working with it immediately after downloading and unzipping the archive.

At the same time, this translates into the possibility of storing and running Portable Romeolight GIFmicro from a removable memory device, without leaving any traces on the host computer’s registry.

For loading the source files into the application, you can either drag and drop them over the main window or you can resort to the ‘Add’ button and browse through your system, selecting the GIFs you wish to process, opening them in Portable Romeolight GIFmicro.

Since it supports batch processing, you can easily work with numerous files simultaneously. Should you add items you do not wish to optimize, you can just uncheck their box.

From the retractable menu, you can configure the output preferences and define the ‘Optimization Factor’ (ranging between 1 and 3), activate ‘Lossy Compression’ and even ‘Resize’ the image to a specific width and height.

At the same time, Portable Romeolight GIFmicro lets you either generate new files and save them to your desktop or a different location, or you can overwrite the existing files, depending on your particular needs.

Overall, Portable Romeolight GIFmicro proves to be a practical and easy to understand program that you can rely on for shrinking your GIFs to a smaller size, being able to save up disk space or reduce the amount of traffic required for loading these files on websites.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.89MB

SHA256: 26c802943c7fa9994600b1e4ff3aa75c1404be881f572c6f889fca730af20f9f

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