Remote Process Explorer 0.7.4

Remote Process Explorer replaces Windows Task Manager with a much more advanced version. Remote Process Explorer allows monitoring all local and remote processes through a single user interface, accessing vital information about processes such as Process ID, Parent PID, Priority, Handles, Threads, and much more, in real-time. The product displays complete information about every local and remote process, including owner information, CPU time and memory consumption, path to executable file, and much more. This is a portable tool, no installation is required.

Remote Process Explorer is a software application whose purpose is to remotely connect to other computer, so that you can view and manage processes and services.

The installation process is easily skipped, as this product is portable. Consequently, unlike installers, it is not going to update the Windows registry and hard drive with new entries without your approval, and no remnants are going to be left behind after its removal.

It is important to remember that you can use Remote Process Explorer on any computer you come in contact with, by simply moving the program files to a USB flash drive and clicking the executable.

The interface you come by encompasses a pretty cluttered design, as it includes a lot of information, stored in multiple tabs and a few tables. It becomes quite clear that it not dedicated to novice users, as they might find the entire tool quite confusing.

In order to connect to another computer, you are required to input the host name or IP address, as well as credentials (if necessary).

When the connection has been established, you can easily view some information about the machine, including active logged in user, MAC address, total number of active processes, free space of the root partition, IP address, OS and CPU information.

It is possible to view a list of all processes running, along with information such as caption, ID, working set size (KB), session ID, command line and owner, as well as a list with all services. You can end any process with just a click of the button, and start or stop services.

Logs for Remote Process Explorer and the system you are connected to are also displayed, and you can easily save them to the hard drive using a LOG and TXT format. Moreover, configurations can be saved to an XML file, while you can reboot the PC with just a click of the button.

To wrap it up, Remote Process Explorer is a pretty efficient piece of software from remotely controlling processes and services. The interface is dedicated to power users, the response time is not always top notch, yet it does not put a strain on the system’s performance.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 138KB

SHA256: b0a06044b58c35514806a2d30eee3e820b80306f0f1b2f93d53f4f04dfe87ec5

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