Polarity 7.2.2

Polarity is a relatively lightweight web browser compared to the popular ones, which does not mean it is stripped of features. The browser is not only fast but also secure. It is integrated with Do Not Track and adblock features in addition to offering the latest web standards. For example, the browser is compatible with WebGL and HTML5 standards. Polarity gives you a dual-engine browsing experience, with its Trident and Chromium engines for fast rendering of pages. You can also customize the web browser to suit your personal preferences by adding extensions, apps and themes.

Polarity is a user-friendly web browser featuring an intuitive interface that allows you to explore various websites and bookmark your favorite pages.

The application is based on two browser engines, namely Trident and Chromium, ensuring a fast and secure web surfing experience for you.

Upon first use, the program prompts you to select your favorite search engine, providing you with several choices. The initial selection can be changed later on, as Polarity offers a wide range of options.

The 'Privacy' tool lets you browse without having to worry about the activity history, cache or cookies being stored, as everything is deleted on exist, without any data being sent to third-parties.

Another component provided by Polarity is the 'Ad-Block' tool. Once activated, it will restart the browser, filter a website's contents and eliminate almost all advertisements from the web pages you visit.

Moreover, Polarity allows you to choose the elements you want to display when accessing a website, thus letting you activate or deactivate JavaScript, Flash, Java or even images. Using the 'Web Filter', you can prevent any automatic redirection to malicious websites, protecting your system's security.

Possibly the most interesting feature of Polarity is the 'Speech Recognition' component. This enables you to control the browser using your voice.

As such, you can start programs, open menus, dictate text and send emails. You should note that setting up this feature requires some sort of audio capturing device, such as a headset or desktop microphone.

In addition, when exploring various websites, you can select a word or a portion of text in English and choose from the context menu the 'Speak This' option, an efficient a Text-To-Speech tool.

Polarity is an interesting web browser that offers several appealing and useful functions, which can surely enhance your web surfing experience.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPL/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 310KB

SHA256: e870495472119fcc5a64a07572e5fa307689392e939621c519cb2e3f52829c65

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