Miray RAM Drive 1.1.3

Miray RAM Drive is the world’s fastest & most easy-to-use RAM Drive. Miray RAM Drive provides a classic RAM disk as virtual drive on Windows. It simulates a real volume that can be used by every application as a super fast additional drive. Including an innovative and intuitive user interface. Faster than hard disks and SSDs. Accelerated read AND write access to files. Perfect for being used as a temporary drive and/or as a buffer (cache) for frequently or intensely accessed files (for example when converting videos, pictures etc.). It actually simulates a real disk volume.

As more and more types of files of increasing internal complexity become available to users, one quickly realizes that the available disk space becomes a burden.

This is all the more valid when connected to the Internet. For these users, but also for offline ones, Miray RAM Drive offers a potential solution, by allowing conversion of RAM memory to a new disk drive.

Also known as virtual, memory, or RAM drives, these useful tools can effectively increase the free disk space on any system, by converting memory to new partitions.

This is precisely the modus operandi of this application; as with similar programs, it allows users to select from a range of supported RAM values.

Once a valid figure has been chosen, the utility automatically creates a new partition with the equivalent amount of free space. The letter designation of the partition follows the normal order of the already defined drives and one of the major advantages of creating such items is their speed.

Depending on the installed memory units, created partitions can be much faster than even the best commercially available HDDs. Since some tools do support persistence of data in such cases, one can mark this aspect as a shortcoming for Miray RAM Drive.

Concerning the program's interface, it is noteworthy to mention the highly intuitive setup. There are very few buttons to operate and setting up a new drive will generally not take longer than a few seconds.

Once started, the application resides in the system tray area, thus allowing one to focus on other projects. After several test drives, the program seems to be a practical and very easy to employ RAM drive-type utility

In conclusion, Miray RAM Drive is a good tool for anyone lacking free hard disk space, but benefiting from a high amount of free memory.

The utility provides a highly accessible working environment, with options for customizing the size of the created partition and falls short only in the fact that it does not allow data persistence.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 9.66MB

SHA256: f5a9d4dfd81a5126adacaf41cfead51d58ccb1f817c8f6a6eec87ef4ac17fc3f

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