Google Search Box 0.9

Google Search Box is a desktop Google Search Box. If internet connection is detected the user is presented with the user interface similar to Google Search Box. This easy to use Windows application is useful when you want to launch your default browser and search using Google Search. This tool will help you to quickly launch your default browser together with Google Search Results Page(SERP) saving you time.Additionally, you may quickly open Gmail or Yahoo! Mail as well as visit YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. User can search Images,or Videos and other options.

Searching for various content on the Internet requires you to open a web browser and type your query in its main window.

However, you can rely on Google Search Box, a simple application, that allows you to perform Google searches directly from your desktop and access various Internet locations.

Please note that this application requires you to have an Internet connection and a web browser. It is a very easy to install application with no customization options and simple interface.

This program can be easily accessed by a wide variety of users, regardless of their computer skills, as it features a minimalistic user interface and highly intuitive functions.

It can be installed without difficulty and can run on almost any computer, be it a less powerful one or a high-end machine.

It comes with no form of help documentation and it does not feature any customization window, menu, pane or section whatsoever, due to its simplicity.

You can rely on this application if you want a quick way of searching for online content on Google directly from your desktop, without opening your web browser first. Google Search Box allows you to type your desired content in a field and look it up by hitting either one of the "Google Search" or "I'm feeling lucky" buttons.

Results are not displayed within the application whatsoever, but this utility launches a new instance of your default web browser and allows you to view them from there.

Additionally, this program allows you to access various web locations in a quick, convenient way by providing you with buttons for each and every one of them.

Among the specified items, you can find Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create new shortcuts or edit existing ones.

To wrap it up, Google Search Box is a simple application that allows you to perform Google searches directly from your desktop and access various web locations in a convenient way.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.46MB

SHA256: 6fc08cbbd9456795c645d6513342059bd59cb09dbd1b1e1cb240eb434f270802

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