Be Forever Me 1.0.0

In the age of mobile devices, being able to access files on your computer remotely cannot be stressed enough. While you have numerous dedicated cloud services at your disposal, sometimes you are forced to download the content from the cloud in order to access it from your smartphone. Be Forever Me is a utility that enables you to create a dedicated folder where you organize all your multimedia files, so you can view or listen to them from your iPhone without too getting a headache. After a quick and eventless installation, you can access the application from the System Tray.

Be Forever Me is a secure platform for saving all your memories. It analyzes and organizes all your videos and audios, and puts them into one easy to use, searchable place. It provides a searchable "digital memory" for all your stories.

Just ask the app a question to find the exact moment you're searching for and re-live the event instantaneously. The patent-pending technology and ultra-reliable cloud storage assures that your files are safely guarded and available at any time.

It also allows you to control specific privacy settings within the application at all times, either at the level of an individual recording, or for your entire profile. Rest easy knowing that we are working overtime to protect you, and all of your treasured memories.

You should download and install the app on your iPhone first before you can use it on your desktop. On a side note, you can create an account on the mobile app and use it to log in into its desktop companion.  Once you are logged in, you can start organizing your collections of videos and music within the dedicated folder you select.

Be Forever Me works quietly in the background and you do not even need to be in front of the computer until it finishes uploading all your selected videos.

Nevertheless, rest assured that the utility sends you a notification each time you add a video on your iPhone or it completes the upload.

In case you find the notifications bothersome or distracting, you can always disable them by accessing the Settings menu within the mobile app.

While the program simplifies the way you manage content between your iPhone and desktop, some users could argue that it could use more options, such as creating backups or scanning the content for malware for instance.

Be Forever Me can help you organize videos and music on your PC, so you can easily view it and share it via your iPhone.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 17.0MB

SHA256: a29abc1bec5d27e58a061c51a3e9407c8d55149071640f6ca5d5c1831baa4524

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