WipeFile 2.4.0

With WipeFile, you can rest assured the files and folders you delete from your computer won’t be recovered by any means.  This is a portable tool that's simple yet powerful deletion tool supports more than a dozen different wiping methods, including the standards used by the US Department of Defense, the US Airforce and the NATO. The methods included in WipeFile go from the simplest one which overwrites data just once – to the most complex one, which overwrites deleted files up to 35 times. Given it's a portable tool, no installation is required to use it.

The name says it all: Portable WipeFile is an application developed to securely remove the selected files and thus make data recovery tools completely useless.

The program can shred multiple files at the same time, so the main window also comprises a file queue showing the folder or each selected item and file mask.

The same screen is being used to allow you select the file removal method, with no less than 14 options at your disposal, including US Department of Defence, US Airforce, NATO and Peter Gutmann.

What’s more, Portable WipeFile shows statistics too, including the overall removal progress and the file name that’s currently deleted.

A settings screen is available too and it’s very important to have a look in here too because it allows you to configure Explorer integration and thus delete files stored on the computer faster.

In plain English, the whole process could come down to a simple right click on the selected file, as Portable WipeFile places its very own entries in the Context Menu.

The program is not at all difficult to use, but the problem is that there’s no documentation on the available file removal methods. A help manual is indeed available, but only in German.

If there’s something to praise about Portable WipeFile, that’s definitely the overall efficiency. The application does an excellent job when it comes to removing files once and for ever, working flawlessly on all Windows versions and without even hampering system performance.

Not to mention that it’s fully portable, which means that you can always copy all of its files on a removable drive and use it without prior installation.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 306KB

SHA256: 0c2e9e11daee7ab8f02c813c9e7e67b9bd7461943641098207b9b0e46d2312b9

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