Win Updates Disabler 1.2

Win Updates Disabler is a simple program that allows you to conveniently disable/enable automatic Windows updates on your machine. You are provided with a fast way to disable or enable Windows Defender, Windows Security Center and Windows Firewall with a simple check mark. Remember that it is important keep your system up to date for security reasons, however, if for privacy reasons or for any other reason you want to disable Windows Updates and the other Windows security services, this little tool is all that you need. It completely disables & enables automatic updates.

If your computer runs on Windows, you are probably aware of how some of the operating system's components might potentially hog your PC's resources and alter its overall performance.

Although you can manually disable some of these features, relying on third-party software can yield quicker and better results. One of the applications that might be useful in this case is Win Updates Disabler.

You can benefit from this program's capabilities in a convenient manner, as installing it on your computer can be done without great difficulty.

Its interface is minimalistic and it packs a few useful functions that are neatly organized so that you can access them with ease.

However, caution is advised when operating this application, as disabling certain components might jeopardize your system's security. The lack of any help manual might be disconcerting for novice PC users, despite this program's overall simplicity.

Win Updates Disabler allows you to disable or enable certain Windows components in a quick, convenient manner, by toggling them on or off. The application comes with two tabs that you can easily switch between, depending on whether you want to enable or disable the functions.

Among the features mentioned above, you can find Windows Updates, Windows Firewall, Windows Defender and Windows Security Center.

If you want to disable or enable any of these components, you need to tick the corresponding checkboxes and click the Apply Now button.

Altering some of the entries might require you to restart your computer so that the process can be completed entirely.

To wrap it up, Win Updates Disabler is a lightweight application that allows you to enable or disable various Windows components from your computer in an easy, intuitive manner.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 1.22MB

SHA256: f845d4a2a22b44a83aacc3be87dcf039598077a23a88e546e32c7b55adecae3f

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