Surprise on Mouse Move 1.0

Surprise on Mouse Move is an entertaining application suitable for circumstances when you want to surprise or startle your friends or other computer users. What this application actually does is display a custom text message, play a song or execute a file when the mouse cursor is moved. The application is very easy to configure and can be used in various scenarios. For instance, you can play 'Happy Birthday' and set it to show a birthday message to your loved ones or scare away someone who wants to use your computer with a frightening song and a spine-chilling message.

Surprise on Mouse Move is basically a tool to play a practical joke. It has the capacity to surprise employees or friends that use your computer. Basically the mouse pointer of the application can do various actions can be carried out automatically if it moves.

You can paste or manually type in the desired text, as well as browse for the audio file or the application you want Surprise on Mouse Move to launch.

The application is compatible with the majority of audio formats (such as WAV, MP3 and so on) and can be used for executing any type of file, be it multimedia ones (videos or images), documents or program executables.

Once you press the 'Activate surprise' button, you musn't move the mouse until the countdown is finished and the application's main window dissapears from the desktop.

When the cursor is moved for the first time, the application initiates all the commands you gave it. The text is displayed in a separate window, with options to close the application or the message window, while the seleted song is played in the background.

Despite its simplicity, Surprise on Mouse Move can be exactly what you need in order to astonish your colleagues or friends. It is a great way to start a surprize party for someone, in case other inspirational ideas simply don't come up.

All in all, this is a great little tool for pure entertainment for those wishing to play a joke on work colleagues, friends or family.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 425KB

SHA256: 6bb260b572204bff0776fcaf556fd38f25aaff8cd8005d88123ef233096d8570

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