Flamory 4.0.3

Flamory is an intuitive and powerful bookmarks generator that can help users with quickly locating resources. The tool can be used both online and offline. Flamory remembers things for you. When you read a web page and see something interesting, make a snapshot. With one click, Flamory will save the place in all the details. It will create a bookmark, save a screenshot, selected text and a copy of the page. You can later find the snapshot by any words from the page, or just by scrolling through the list of thumbnails. When you double-click the snapshot, it will take you to the place on the page.

The resource is very versatile and can see a wide range of uses, the most obvious one being as a website bookmark generator. 

It also works well with offline resources, which means users can also take screnshots for local applications. Anyone interested in a good bookmarks creator and manager will benefit from this software.

Flamory comes with a very pleasant and simple GUI, which allows users to fully focus on their project, rather than wasting time browsing for menu items.

 Navigation is performed with the crisp buttons and there are numerous preview frames to help users in quickly identifying their desired entry.
Creating bookmarks with this utility depends largely on the type of content that needs to be saved. Full functionality and usefulness is achieved when storing websites. This being said, any type of offline content (e.g. a text processor or a game) can also be bookmarked.

Up to this point, one could compare the application to a simple screenshot generator. However, the program is a bit more advanced than that, as the built-in search function gives it real power. 

 Using this feature, one can quickly locate a bookmark and, with a simple double-click action, open the application.
This is especially useful for online addresses, as with just a few mouse clicks users can navigate to their desired resource. 

The software allows users to crop screenshots and insert the modified content into any application capable of receiving multimedia content (PNG format).

To sum up, Flamory is a great resource for creating and managing both online and offline bookmarks. The search function makes it very easy to use, even when dealing with numerous items.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 15.9MB

SHA256: 57d877c2f24ad538810755b062fe50500fe42d44ca9b90344717254534e0087b

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