Crypter Geek 3.0

Crypter Geek is a portable means to encrypt and decrypt text files in a very simple fashion. There is no key to remember as the program does it automatically behind the scenes using its own algorithm. The user may choose from any folder to import the file to encrypt/decrypt and for ease of use it supports a copy and paste function. Crypter Geek allows for the mass import and export files, the user may encrypt and decrypt files non stop because the program doesn’t create the same file name for encryption and decryption, that means it will not overwrite existing files.

When you work with sensitive files or when communicating secret information, you might need to consider securing your data in an efficient way and encryption is the most reliable manner of doing so.

Therefore, you can rely on specialized software, such as Crypter Geek, that can help you protect your data by providing you with encryption features.

This program does not require any installation, as it is portable. Additionally, it does not tamper with your Windows registry entries, nor does it create extra folders on your computer. Nonetheless, it also packs an installer for those who prefer them.

It comes with a plain, minimalistic user interface that incorporates its core functions neatly so that you can access them with minimum efforts. However, the lack of any help documentation can be an issue for users who cannot understand the program's functionality or find it hard to operate it.

This application allows you to secure your text by encrypting it. Achieving that is possible by either typing the desired text in the corresponding field or by importing it from a document on your computer.

Crypter Geek does not require you to type any password for processing your data, as it uses its own algorithm.

More so, you can also decrypt the information that you have processed with this application by clicking the Decryption button and loading the desired content.

Each time you process an item with Crypter Geek, this utility generates an output file and saves it to the folder you specify. You also get to enter a new file name, so you do not have to worry about overwriting documents.

To wrap it up, Crypter Geek is a lightweight application that can help you encrypt and decrypt texts in an easy, convenient manner. Even if does not come with any integrated help documentation, you should not encounter any issues in using it.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.57MB

SHA256: c4777be47e4a3c178e2a341b5c492cd7018c61c81f6feb9ba405d3a5ef39a0c7

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