Cryptographic Encryptor 2.7.3

Cryptographic Encryptor is a portable tool that's an easy to use file and text encryption program. You can encrypt any file or text you choose. To access the file (or text) again, you would need access to the password that was used while encrypting. Cryptographic Encryptor is a serious solution, but at the same time is easy to use and does not require any technical background – just select any file (or type text) and choose ‘Encrypt’ – or simply drag the file to the proper editor box. Given this tool is a portable edition, it means that there's no need to install it. You can run it off a  USB device.

Win Updates Disabler 1.2

Win Updates Disabler is a simple program that allows you to conveniently disable/enable automatic Windows updates on your machine. You are provided with a fast way to disable or enable Windows Defender, Windows Security Center and Windows Firewall with a simple check mark. Remember that it is important keep your system up to date for security reasons, however, if for privacy reasons or for any other reason you want to disable Windows Updates and the other Windows security services, this little tool is all that you need. It completely disables & enables automatic updates.

Litecoin Core 0.10

Store your Litecoins and transfer them out to other users, as well as encrypt and backup your wallet using this peer-to-peer Internet currency tool. Litecoin is a Windows finance and business application whose purpose is to help you store your Litecoins and transfer them out in order to be able to work with exchanges like BTC-e or send data to other users. In addition, this open-source tool allows you to encrypt and back up your wallet. You are given quick access to several key features of the utility, such as Overview, Sending and Receiving parameters, Transaction, and Addresses.

Photo to Video Converter 8.07

Photo to Video Converter is an absolutely easy-to-use tool to create MPEG-1 stunning slideshows with your still digital photos.Whether you are an expert or a novice,you can easily but professionally combine still digital photos with background music by using this excellent MPEG slideshow video converter software. It includes built-in dynamic Pan&Zoom and transition effects for photo slideshow creation and a Powerful high speed MPEG-1 video convertor engine. The powerful Photo to Video Converter  allows you import your all kinds of format digital photos.

APK File Manager 0.7.13

A handy and easy to work with file manager especially designed for your Android APK files, helping you organize them and update the apps. With this program you will be able to organize your (legally obtained) android .apk file collection. Features include getting Play Store information and screenshots from each apk file, and storing them offline for later viewing. Features include reading apk's from a directory and extracts icon and basic information about them, moving older versions of apk's to another folder so you can inspect them and remove them and a lot more.

EASIS Drive Cloning 1.1

EASIS Drive Cloning helps you cloning or copying hard drives, partitions or other storage devices bit-wise. Often you need to copy bytes from one hard drive to a second for upgrade your computer or laptop. Sometimes you need to copy the the bytes from the hard drive for data recovery reasons. Byte-wise copies have the advantage that all original information (hidden or not hidden) are copied to a second hard drive or drive image. Although hidden license information can be copied if you make byte-wise copy of you hard drive.This tool allows you to create high compressed hard drive images.

Win Facebook Blocker 1.0

Win Facebook Blocker is a portable tool used to block Facebook domains and subdomains. Of course, you can also unblock Facebook when needed. Useful to block Facebook for your children or employees. The program modifies the \etc\hosts file in order to block Facebook. We have translated the program into 20 languages and the program automatically selects the language based on the one that is in use on your operating system. Make sure to restart the web browser for the changes to take effect. Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. No installation required.

Autorun Eater 2.6

Autorun Eater will warn you and remove any suspicious 'autorun.inf' files(based on user decision/settings) so that the malware is not executed while accessing the infected drive. There are also certain cases whereby the malware has been removed by an antivirus but the 'autorun.inf' file remains. This will cause the drive to be inaccessible through the conventional method(double-click). Autorun Eater will also remove it if necessary so that you can access the drive as usual. If you regularly bring work home or use portable drives, then this tool is a must.

Free Countdown Timer 4.0.0

Free Countdown Timer is a portable tool that allows you to set as many countdown timers as you want. Countdown timer tracks the amount of time till the specified event. You can fully concentrate on the task at hand while waiting for a future task to be ready for action. The timer reminds you about event by playing your favorite music and showing a notification message. It's a portable and full-featured countdown timer and clock that you can use to view the time left until important events in your life happen. No installation is required to use this tool.

UltraExplorer 2.0.3

UltraExplorer is designed to be the ultimate File Manager for Microsoft Windows. The user interface is completely customizable. You can hide or show as many of the featured windows, dock them in other places or let them float as free standing windows. The same is true for the tool bars as well. You can even move buttons from toolbars to other toolbars and assign your own short cuts keys. Some of the key features of UltraExplorer are: drop stack window, favorites window, command line window, filter window, folders window, history window, list view window, and tabbed folders.

Schedule Manager 1.2.2

Schedule Manager provides users with a simple means of automating particular actions, such as downloading files, restarting the computer and opening a file. Schedule Manager is a portable tool that enables you to design your daily routine and perform various tasks automatically such as shutdown, restart, hibernate, download file, screenshot and more. With Schedule Manager you get a package of basic sounds such as happy birthday, wedding and alarm. Schedule Manager also offers flexibility when it comes to timing - weekly basis, daily basis and hourly basis.

Quick Zip Lite 3.1.0

QuickZipLite (qzLite) is a powerful and fast compress utility. Is not intended to act as a clone of another archiver. The aim is to develop a clean and more powerful interface. qzLite can create 4 different formats (zip, lha,7z, sqx) and read over 20 different formats (including zip, cab, lha, tar, tgz, bz2, bza, 7z, sqx, rar, ace, arj) as well as various kinds of encoding formats without using any external programs. Additional features include Full drag and drop, Queue Monitor, Thumbnail mode, Folder like bookmarks and Hotedit. QzLite3 provides easy to use filtering techniques.

Revealer Keylogger 2.09

Revealer Keylogger is a sophisticated yet very easy-to-use, this key logger offers multiple functionalities. It logs everything that is typed on the keyboard, regardless of the application (mail software, instant messaging program, web browser, etc.). The user interface is simple: it shows the dates and the user name on the left hand side, and the recorded items are displayed on the right hand side. The other users won't access to the software. The keylogger runs invisible on the desktop, no window or message is displayed. Also, the interface is secure thanks to a special hot-key combo.

Images to Ascii Art 1.0

Images to ASCII Art is a portable tool that's used to convert images into ASCII Art. Simply open an image and the program automatically recreates the image using ASCII characters. Once the image is converted to ASCII, users can adjust the image size, font face, styles and sizes, and save the image as text file or an image file. It has many features, including image adjustments, brighness, contrast, proportions) several image libraries, drawing and editing tools, a command line tool and more. Because the tool is portable, there's no need to install it and no changes are made to your PC.

Vsaver 1.0

Transform your favorite videos and clips into pleasant screensavers for your desktop with this straightforward software solution. Even though screensavers cannot protect your screen from the image burn-in as before, they are still fun, entertaining and continue to be popular. Vsaver is a relatively small utility that allows you to transform any of your favorite videos and homemade clips into enjoyable screensavers. The setup is quick, straightforward with no surprises and you should not expect any special issues during installation of this easy to use tool.

RT Registry Scan Tool 0.1

Registry Scan Tool is a simple-to-use yet powerful software program that lets you locate a particular key in the Windows Registry. Registry Scan Tool can help you find and fix (delete) specific keys and values from the registry. In latest version you can scan by "Keyword" method. You can do that by typing the keyword and the program will scan the registry keys and values against it. Before you fix (delete) results, you can backup them to *.reg file. Given the sensitive nature of this area of the operating system, only users who know what they are doing should fiddle with this tool.

Caffeine 1.6

If you have problems with your PC locking or going to sleep, caffeine will keep it awake. It works by simulating a keypress once every 59 seconds, so your machine thinks you're still working at the keyboard, so won't lock the screen or activate the screensaver. The icon is shown above - it's the leftmost one in the task tray, and this is all you see. Double-clicking the icon empties the coffee pot (that's what the icon is) and temporarily disables the program. Double-clicking it again refills the pot, and will keep your machine awake. This is a portable tool, hence no installation is required.

Flamory 4.0.3

Flamory is an intuitive and powerful bookmarks generator that can help users with quickly locating resources. The tool can be used both online and offline. Flamory remembers things for you. When you read a web page and see something interesting, make a snapshot. With one click, Flamory will save the place in all the details. It will create a bookmark, save a screenshot, selected text and a copy of the page. You can later find the snapshot by any words from the page, or just by scrolling through the list of thumbnails. When you double-click the snapshot, it will take you to the place on the page.

Virtual Router Plus 2.6.0

Would you like to connect a mobile device to the Internet at home but your router is not Wi-Fi enabled? Then try VirtualRouter Plus.VirtualRouter Plus converts your PC into a Wi-Fi router and allows you to create a home network. In this way, you will be able to connect a cell phone, a tablet, or a laptop. These devices connect to Virtual Router just like any other access point, and the connection is completely secured using WPA2 (the most secure wireless encryption.). Virtual Router Plus, designed to help you share your Internet connection with any Wi-Fi enabled device.

SalesReporter 1.0.0

SalesReporter is a portable tool that takes monthly reports from Amazon KDP, Smashwords, and Kobo then turns them into sales per title or country and total sales by month. SalesReporter also allows you to combine product codes from different online bookstores, so you can combine sales of the same title across all stores. Load each of the Amazon XLS files into Excel or OpenOffice and save the file in CSV file type, run SalesReporter and import CSV files, and compare the figures in SalesReporter with the data in the spreadsheet. Before importing new data clear all existing data.

KCleaner 2.6.4

KCleaner is designed to be the most efficient Hard Disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte in order to give you all the resources you may need for your documents, music, pictures, movies, etc. It is the first product of this kind featuring a full automatic mode, which works in background so that you don't have to care about when to launch it. It often finds up to many Gb not even seen by its competitors so. And if data security is something you are interested in, you'll love the secured file deletion methods proposed by KCleaner, making deleted files unrecoverable by any known means.

Retro Sci-Fi Screensaver 1.22

Turn your computer into a busy-looking one with meaningless animated displays from old sci-fi movies, with the help of this screensaver. The Retro Sci-Fi screensaver makes your computer look like one of those displays in old science fiction movies and television shows. Various scientific-looking and green-colored graphs, circuit boards and computer terminals are shown on a futuristic dashboard. With Retro Sci-Fi Screensaver you can easily convince your friends that you control a vast, secret computer network. A very interesting tool with great features all round.

Double Driver 4.1.0

Double Driver is a portable tool to view all the drivers installed on your system and backup, restore, save and print all chosen drivers simply and reliably. One of the main reasons why you would want to collect installed drivers is if you don’t have the Driver CD that came with the computer or they are unavailable online. This comes in quite handy if you purchase a computer and want to backup the initial set of drivers. It can be quite difficulty for example to find drivers for hardware installed in a notebook if the operating system has to be setup again. No installation required to use this tool.

Visualizer Photo Resize 6.1

Visualizer Photo Resize is a complete package for digital photographers and webmasters who wants to resize, improve and share photos fast and easy. Visualizer Photo Resize runs very fast and it converts the photos in just a while, so it may become very useful if you need to resize your photos.With Visualizer Photo Resize you can achieve the results you want without any graphic or web experience, all you have to do is select an image folder and enter the resize ratio for your images and click Resize - it's that easy to use even for novices.

TreeSize Free 3.4.3

TreeSize is a program which can show you which files take up the most space on your hard drive.The user interface of the software consists of a standard window with files displayed in treeview mode, in descending order (according to their size). If you hover the mouse cursor over a particular file, you can view its size, permissions, folder, date of creation and last modification, allocated size, path length, number of size, full path, directory level, owner, and more. The Explorer context menu is supported within TreeSize, as well as the usual drag & drop operations.

Wise Data Recovery 3.82

Wise Data Recovery, is a portable tool that is able to recover various data in various devices. The types of files include image, document, audio, video, compressed file and email. And the devices that can be recovered include local drive, USB, camera, memory card, MP players, ipod, removable devices and so on. It also will show you the difficult level of the recovery by indicating the data as "Good", "Poor", "Very Poor", or "Lost" in the scan result. Every user can enjoy free use, update, and technical support about it. No installation required to use the tool.

Kaspersky Safe Kids 1.0.0

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you keep your children safe online without spying on them. The Internet might be dangerous for your kids - but we can help you protect them. Learn about the threats your children face online and get advice on how to help and support them. The Web is a great educational resource for children - so Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you ensure your kids can use it safely. Focusing on kids’ safety. The Web is a great educational resource for children – so Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you ensure your kids can use it safely. Letting you know where your kids are.

WinDjView 2.1

WinDjView is a fast, compact and powerful DjVu viewer for Windows with continuous scrolling and advanced printing options. It uses the free DjVuLibre library to decode DjVu documents. DjVu is a web-centric format and software platform for distributing documents and images. WinDjView is a document viewer that is quite fast and doesn't hog much space on your computer. It's got a nice tabbed interface that makes organizing your documents a snap. In addition, WinDjView boasts continuous scrolling and offers advanced printing options and much more.

URL Gather 3.0.1

URL Gather is a portable tool that helps you to save and manage your internet bookmarks. You can easily organize your sites URLs according to different categories as you want. Configure multiple browsers to open your URLs. It features organize your URLs into categories to personalize your web experience, support password protection for startup, easy maintenance of your URLs, support Drag and Drop actions, import bookmarks from IE or Firefox or common bookmarks HTML file, export bookmarks to individual URL shortcuts or single HTML file. No installation required.

DiskMax 5.01

With DiskMax, your system will be peppier, applications will launch faster, files will open quicker, games will run better, and you will be happier. Running DiskMax from time to time is recommended to keep your system in shape. Even if you are an advanced user, DiskMax will be useful to you since it automates all the tasks required to keep your system clean and fast, leaving you to enjoy the whole new experience. DiskMax gives good advice in general, strongly recommending the safest or best course of action. DiskMax is effective, both in daily cleaning and for less-frequent, deeper cleaning.

Alternate TaskManager 2.59

Alternate Task Manager is a portable tool which will display all the processes running on your machine at any given time. The user interface is easy to use and read while still providing you with all the essential data needed in running down a particular process or checking on the available memory. It can be used to quickly give you the details of each process as well as the ability to end any process with a simple click. Alternate Task Manager also provides you with real-time system information such as, physical/available memory, pagefile size, virtual memory and more.

Free IP Switcher 2.6

Free IP Switcher is a very useful utility when you change your network settings under different locations. It switches between preconfigured network settings with a single click and without any reboot. With Free IP Switcher you can automatically change all network settings on your pc: IP address, network masks, default gateway, dns server, wins server, proxy settings, etc. Select an available network adapter and then set IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Preferred and Alternate DNS. Or use Obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP) and more.

WipeFile 2.4.0

With WipeFile, you can rest assured the files and folders you delete from your computer won’t be recovered by any means.  This is a portable tool that's simple yet powerful deletion tool supports more than a dozen different wiping methods, including the standards used by the US Department of Defense, the US Airforce and the NATO. The methods included in WipeFile go from the simplest one which overwrites data just once – to the most complex one, which overwrites deleted files up to 35 times. Given it's a portable tool, no installation is required to use it.

Merge 2.4

Merge is picture utility for Windows which enables its users to combine two pictures. The program has the ability to overlay two pictures in different ways; in addition, it can merge multiple pictures with the same picture with automatic scaling. The program offers different effects: blur, edge detect, emboss, sharpen, soften, etc. It also includes a text tool, which allows users to type or paste text in any font, size and color and merge it with an image. In addition, users can rotate, move, scale images and adjust merging parameters, brightness, contrast and much much more.

Mz CPU Accelerator 4.1

Mz CPU Accelerator is an application that automatically changes the priority of the foreground window, by allocating more CPU power to the currently active application (program-game). Mz CPU Accelerator automatically de-allocates cpu priority when a new active application is used. All this procedure, can lead to an enormous performance gain. Changing settings is easily accomplished through a simple dialog-sized interface. Most users will set it once then forget about it. Anyone could operate this application with only the most cursory glance at the short program manual.

Metalogic Finance Explorer 8.0.0

Metalogic Finance Explorer is a portable tool compatible with Microsoft Money and Quicken downloads so you can import your transactions from almost any bank (supports: OFX, QIF and OFC formats). No need to manually enter them. Includes an intuitive budget. Handles and unlimited number of accounts including checking, saving, investment, cash, credit card and loan. Monthly view of transactions as well as net worth view. Download stock quotes from the web. Online tutorial and to top it all off, a very user friendly Windows Explorer style interface. No installation required.

iOS Crash Logs Tool 1.2.1

iOS Crash Logs Tool is a piece of software that allows you to load crash reports files for symbolicating. The application searches for debug symbols that are created when an app is compiled and are inserted into the outputted binary file. The symbols are for interpreting track traces which come in very handy when someone sends a crashdump to you because you can use the original dSYM file for debugging. It's a very handy tool for your app development as it enables you to effortlessly view the exact lines of code that caused a crash.


UHARC GUI is a portable graphical user interface or front end for the UHARC archive manager. The UHARC compression process offers better compression ratios and smaller file sizes that other archives like ZIP, ACE, RAR and more. The GUI has been completely redesigned to make it easier to understand how to use all the features of archiving; most users only unzip packages and rarely known how to actually use archive manager to their fullest. Password management is also possible with dictionary options to help pick an effective password. No installation required to use this tool.

Kaspersky Security Scan 15.0

Kaspersky Security Scan is a free, comprehensive tool for malware analysis from Kaspersky. It's the perfect tool for both a precise analysis and as a second opinion, especially if you think your current antivirus won't be able to spot the threat. Kaspersky Security Scan uses the signature scanning engine and database of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, one of the best anti-malware ones on the market. You can perform a quick scan, or a full PC scan. At the end of the analysis, you'll be shown a report with any detected problems, including detected malware, vulnerabilities in the system, or other threats.

ProcNetMonitor 5.0

Proc Net Monitor is a portable tool to monitor & analyze the Network activity of all running Process on your system. It shows all open network Ports (TCP/UDP) and active Network Connections for each process. It also presents unique 'Port Finder' feature which makes it easy to search for particular Network Port used by any of the running processes. For example you can search for port 80 to find all processes who are accessing web (HTTP) services currently. You can right click on any process and perform more action such as killing it, viewing properties, performing scan etc.

Elite Desktop Lock 4.0

Elite Desktop Lock is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you lock your desktop with the use of a USB flash drive. Elite Desktop Lock is an easy to use software utility that will enable you to encrypt and protect your desktop from any prying eyes.This application allows you to use your flash drive as a key, select your security level then input your name, select your flash drive letter then lock it and remove the flash drive and your computer is locked, put the usb back in and unlock it. This is an easy to use tool for professionals and novices alike.

IP Shifter 3.0.4

IP Shifter is a portable tool that helps you to change your TCP/IP related settings easily and quickly. If you work dynamically at several locations in the network (due to business), you need to be connected in different offices, or you need to use your computer in more than one network, in these cases, you have to change your IP address parameters (IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway, DNS) or browser proxy frequently, so IP Shifter is a product for you. Since the tool is portable, there's no need to install it. Carry it with on a USB stick and use it anywhere on another device.

DocPad 15.0

DocPad is a straightforward plain text editor that aims to offer you a balanced set of editing tools, not too many and not too complicated. Although it fills the same role, plain text editing, it offers an arsenal of time-saving tools:  block indent/unindent, bookmarking, case conversion, customizable toolbar, encoding conversion, file backups, file history, jump to line/offset, keyboard macros, print preview, search and replace, skinnable interface, spell checking, statistics, variable pitch font, and much more.  It also includes a built-in calculator, calendar, and character map.

ZW Text Mosaic 0.5

ZW Text Mosaic is a cute and small portable tool that can convert your images into nice mosaics using only ASCII characters. As input you can use any BMP or JPEG image file, and the program will generate an HTML file. The program offers you a creative alternative to help you enhance your web pages – thus, instead of simply inserting images, you can turn them into text-based renditions of the original compositions. Once generated, you can open the output HTML file and edit it just like any other web page, adding content, other images or text mosaics, etc.

Tuniac 1.0

When you think about music managers, iTunes is probably the first option that comes to mind. But that doesn't mean you should discount the alternatives. Tuniac is one such alternative: a light and fast music manager that doubles as an audio player. While it doesn't feature as many tools and options as other managers, Tuniac is a perfectly valid tool if all you need is a simple, unobtrusive manager with playback capabilities. Tuniac creates a library with all your music and then lets you create as many playlists as you want. The program also includes a built-in search tool to browse your MP3.

Crypter Geek 3.0

Crypter Geek is a portable means to encrypt and decrypt text files in a very simple fashion. There is no key to remember as the program does it automatically behind the scenes using its own algorithm. The user may choose from any folder to import the file to encrypt/decrypt and for ease of use it supports a copy and paste function. Crypter Geek allows for the mass import and export files, the user may encrypt and decrypt files non stop because the program doesn’t create the same file name for encryption and decryption, that means it will not overwrite existing files.

Turbo Navigator 1.47

Turbo Navigator is a free advanced, very customizable, very fast two panel file manager for Windows. Features include file copy speed display, advanced filtering capability, built in favorites for fast directory change, built in file viewer for text, RTF and binary files (including HEX display), built in Media Player for quick preview of common media formats (such as WAV, MID or MP3 files), built in strong (256-bit) file encryption feature, wipe file ability to remove files for good, split/combine function and many more. Its ease of use and speed makes it essential tool for every power user.

Windows Desktop Lock 2.0

Windows Desktop Lock is a portable tool if you are looking for a simple and secure program to guard your PC from other people when you walk away. It is generally unique because it does a good job of keeping open windows unaffected when locking your PC without closing any Processes or modifying anything. With Windows Lock, you will feel like your PC is covered by an unremovable blanket guarding your files and open windows with its screen blocking feature. Given this is a portable tool, there's no need to install it, hence no changes are made to your PC.

Temp File Cleaner 4.4.0

Temp File Cleaner was designed to give users the power and flexibility needed to effectively manage temporary files on their machine. It is built on a robust engine that allows for complex cleansing scenarios and rules to be created with ease. Brace yourself for your computer to feel gigabytes lighter after you unleash the TFC temporary file destroying ninjas. More than one drive? No problem, TFC will allow you to clean any or all of your drives. The cleaning engine scans all accessible user accounts, deleting temporary Internet files, cookies, browser history, recent files list, and more.

Free Registry Jump 2.1

When you start Regedit, it automatically opens the last key that was viewed. If you wish to jump to a particular registry key directly without navigating the paths manually, you may use Free Registry Jump. Free Registry Jump enable you to jump to a certain registry key or value instantly. You can just enter the registry key or value you wish to jump to. You also can manage and directly jump to frequently accessed registry keys. Free Registry Jump accepts root keys in standard (e.g. HKLM). It also can jump to a key you've copied to the clipboard. No need to install this tool to use it.