Otter Browser 0.9.0

Otter is an interesting and intuitive software solution meant to function as a browser, so you can surf the web, visit and bookmark your favorite pages. It is based on the classic version of Opera (12) and reinvented using Qt5.  Given it's a portable version, there's no need to install it. One interesting aspect of Otter is that it is created as a modular browser, which means that it will be possible to replace components of the browser with others. A mail client will be integrated into the browser as well, adding another feature that the new Opera browser is missing.

Appearance-wise, the program is not overly impressive, but its simplicity may appeal to individuals who wish for a no-fuss browsing experience, which it provides through its straightforward functions and features.

The main window of Otter is compact, displaying only the most essential components (address and search field, forward, back and reload buttons), but it can be customized and you can add a sidebar which includes quick access buttons for ‘History’, ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Transfers’. Its context menus also comprise these and additional functions that you can work with.

You can browse the web using the alpha version of the Otter browser. Since it is an early version, you should expect issues while you are browsing the Internet.

Features such as a popup blocker, session management, bookmarking, or privacy features such as do not track are already available.

When browsing the Internet, you can easily access your favorite pages and bookmark them, so you can return to them anytime you want, should you need to use information they store, for instance.

Otter can work with multiple tabs or windows, while also letting you launch private tabs, so you can surf the web more securely and prevent your activity from being tracked. The application features three helpful tools, specifically ‘Transfers Manager’, ‘Cookies Manager’ and ‘Content Blocking’.

With the help of the ‘Transfers Manager’, you can view prior downloads, along with their size as well as the start and finish date and time; you can also reattempt saving items from the same link. Using the ‘Cookies Manager’, you can view and delete websites’ cookies.

Another practical component is the ‘Sessions’ tool that helps you memorize and restart browsing sessions. From the ‘Preferences’ section of Otter, you can further customize its functioning parameters to suit your particular needs.

All things considered, Otter proves to be a useful and reliable Internet surfing utility which succeeds in reinventing Opera for people who miss the classic version of this browser, offering both old and new functionality to keep up with the ever-changing web.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: GPLV3/Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 26.3MB

SHA256: 472144d305859907e3e617df7a3a1c7ea0c57cfd98a9237211b6a15772f6dc36

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