No Signal Screensaver 1.1

No signal TV display Screensaver is a simple and lightweight application developed to install a new screensaver. No Signal Screensaver is a reliable software that you can install and select as a screensaver for when your computer is idle. The software replaces the usual desktop with a black and white speckle animation, similar to the display on television sets, when the signal is unavailable. Using this application is very simple: use right mouse button when file is selected, select install from the menu, set the wait time and click apply.

The effect produced on your desktop, by this screensaver resembles the speckle animation displayed on television sets, when the signal is missing. The screensaver can automatically replace the usual desktop, when the system is idle and you are away from the computer, for more than a few minutes. 

The screensaver fits several purposes, including data protection and power saving.
The monitor consumes much more electrical power when opened in normal mode, than when it goes to the screensaver mode. 

This is why, the faster it goes to screensaver mode, when the system is idle, the more power you can save. Additionally, whenever you leave the computer for several minutes and you do not wish to shut it down, you can activate the screensaver, so the desktop and all the opened windows are hidden.

Like with any screensaver, you can easily install the software, then configure the settings from the Personalization section in Control Panel. Simply select No Signal Screensaver from the collection, then set the number of minutes that the idle computer stays in normal mode. 

When that particular number of minutes passes, the computer triggers the selected screensaver.
No Signal Screensaver is prompted automatically, when the time runs out. 

It does not allow you to make special settings, such as unlock with a specific key combination, alternate animations or insert color.

The speckle animation that appears on the television set is usually a specific indicator, that notifies you about the lack of broadcasting signal. 

No Signal Screensaver brings the same animation to your computer desktop and triggers it when the system goes to idle mode. Otherwise, opening the file brings up a preview of its functionality.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 303KB

SHA256: 21587351b446997e9474134c8fd609b7e08ef18870c9bb404daae989c7e69482

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