MPC AdCleaner 1.1.7

MMPC AdCleaner is a 100% free one-click Ads Cleaner produced by DotCash Limited which is a global leader in PC optimization. Software: To display advertisement is a monetize method for websites to maintain the operation and the content qualities. However, there are some websites which do not concern about the user experience and insert unacceptable numbers of ads on the sites. Sometimes, the ads even cover the content that user was looking for. Why don't you let MPC AdCleaner to help you to clean them all, it does the job with ease.

MPC AdCleaner is a simple program that can block website ads and Internet pop-up windows, thus ensuring a smooth, safe browsing session. The tool is small and can run in the background, plus it does not leave traces of its activity in your browser.

MPC AdCleaner allows you to control its action against ads and pop-ups separately. In other words, you can activate both blocking functions or only one of them, based on your preferences.

The program features a simplistic, modern-looking interface, with two buttons, afferent to activating/deactivating the protection. Moreover, it can detect and monitor the number of blocked items, which is also displayed in the interface.

When closed, MPC AdCleaner continues to run in the background, offering you reliable protection for the browsing sessions. You may also set it to start with Windows so that you can enjoy the ad-free Internet navigation since you open your PC.

Not only can MPC AdCleaner block all ads and pop-up windows from websites, but it can also record the afferent links in the dedicated logs. You may thus view the URLs for the ads and pop-up windows that the program blocked if you prefer.

The application is simple to install and can easily be set to start with Windows. Moreover, you can enable the Ad Report Button, which allows you to report cases in which the program does not detect an ad or the protection is overridden and the ads are displayed on the website.

MPC AdCleaner can store the URLs for the blocked ads and pop-ups for the past three days. Any entry that is older than three days is automatically removed to leave room for new links. Not only can you view the afferent URL, but the program also displays the action timestamp.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 3.56MB

SHA256: 453990161d26c3229a31c4a7c17d28c8728e1c909b5189637dbde89391617aaf

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