DXVA Checker 3.9.0

Portable DXVA Checker is a user-friendly and intuitive software utility designed to offer you a straightforward method of learning more information about the DirectX Video Acceleration specifics of your GPU. Being a standalone application, its does not go through a setup process prior to working with it, so you can just unzip the downloaded archive and run the executable immediately. Consequently, this translates into the ability to store Portable DXVA Checker on a USB stick or other such removable memory drives, using it on any compatible systems without affecting  registry. 

The application itself is self explanatory. All the required information is divided into five different tabs including Decoder Device, Processor Device, DXVA-HD, DSF/MFT and Trace Log.

The Decoder Device tab lets you know about your GPU model and manufacturer’s name, as well as the kind of decoding modes it support with supported resolution. What you need to check however, is that if DXVA1 or DXVA2 are there in the list or not. If yes, then the GPU does supports DXVA.

Unfortunately if you are unable to see DXVA in the list, then either your GPU doesn’t support it or you need to update your graphics card’s drivers.

In terms of appearance, the program makes use of a tabbed interface, allowing you to easily browse between its main sections, ‘Decoder Device’, ‘Processor Device’, ‘DirectShow / MediaFoundation Decoder’ and ‘Trace Log’.

From a dedicated menu, in the lower right corner of the main window, you can ‘Recheck Device’ or you can grab and save a screenshot of the current information displayed by Portable DXVA Checker.

After running the utility, it will instantly display the detected Intel graphics, along with the corresponding resolution that they support (SD, HD, FHD). From the context menu, you can copy a line of information or the entire list to clipboard, and paste it in a different document.

From the ‘Processor Device’ tab, you can discover various details about the supported ‘DXVA1 / 2’, ‘DXVA-HD’ and ‘Direct3D 11’ caps, which can depend and vary on your particular device type. 

The ‘DirectShow / MediaFoundation Decoder’ section enables you to connect to a renderer or work with the ‘DSF / MFT viewer’, while the ‘Trace Log’ can monitor and record a certain event and process.

In short, Portable DXVA Checker proves to be a useful and intuitive application that you can rely on for finding out various information about your Graphics Processing Unit, enabling you to save the details to a document or in a picture.

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
License: Freeware
Author: Website
Size: 971KB

SHA256: 949f74201a0b325ed8556f5c6bfbede200e06656268c2b7823d02a1aebd39dd0

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